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Does Target have layaway? If so, can you put sale items on layaway? TIA

I just found this site 3 months ago called layaway express and I was scared about using it because never heard of the before. But talked to several people at customer service and they were so friendly. I decided to order a powerwheel cop charger and now I can't wait for my son to open his gift. I just got the powerwheel yesterday and it is awesome and very quick shipping. The item is brand new still in the box. layaway express I will order from you again. I did have to call customer service to understand how to buy something thats not on the site but they added the products while I was on the phone and walked me through the process. Target is the store I shopped from so yes target does have layaway if you go through layaway express. There customer service is great
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Walmart has layaway back for a limited time for the holidays so I think it will be one of those "if you don't pick it up by X date you lose it" type of deals.
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Target does not have layaway. However, there are all sorts of other ways to save at Target. Most of them are in this article: Hitting the Bullseye: Strategies for Shopping at Target |

Check out Target | Coupons & bargains from Target for more great Target deals.
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toys r us, walmart and kmart have layaway 2012-

I just used some of them last weekend.

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Thanks for the info!

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Why can't you just put away the money you need to buy something or buy 4 pieces a clothing or toys etc a week?

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