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Thanks for the link. Every little bit helps
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Yummy Also this is a PDF file with no limits on the number printed out so if you go with a friend, hubby or an older kid you can go through separate lines and get extra candy
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Thanks for the link!

I used mine today, but they had to call a manager over because the candy is on sale, so the register didn't recognize the coupon. Then they told me I couldn't use it because it had to be a $2.79 bag of candy, which they don't have because it is all on sale. Then they told me I didn't choose Halloween candy, even though I had the same kind and size specifically written on the coupon and I got it from the HUGE stack of Halloween candy displayed right when you walk in to the store. The poor cashier was so confused they finally had to void my whole transaction (somehow my total ended up higher than it was before I gave her the coupon) and start over, and the manager told her to just give me the bag of candy and not ring it up, but at least I got my candy! It does pay to politely press the issue when you know you are right.
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Thanks, this will help out so much. We have moved into an apt. complex, so we're thinking we are going to get a lot of kids this year.
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So you don't have to buy anything, right? Just go in and get your free bag of candy? I will do this every day until Halloween since it's only a mile or two from work!
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Cool! Thanks!

I tried last week to search for Kmart and Target free samples (like our Walmart ones) and couldn't find anything. But I could have been going about it wrong.
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Thanks - I was heading there tonight!
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You ladies are awesome! Where do you find all these freebies & good ones at that too!

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I tried using mine last night and had the same problems with them not honoring the coupon. In fact, they didn't let me use it at all. It has to be on candy that is NOT on sale and of course all of the candy is on sale now. Bummer
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