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Thanks for the freebie!
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Sweet! I just sent the link to everyone in my email bin; hope they appreciate it too!
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Thanks for the treats!
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Grrrr - Annoying cashier - I tried to use this coupon and the lady tried to tell me it was buy 1 get one free - she said her manager just said so - I asked "where" So she read and reread the coupon and wouldn't find where it said that so she had to go ask someone else. Then she came back and said - they must have printed the coupon wrong and missed the sentence that said that. Anyway 10 minutes later - I walked out with a free bag of chocolate. Not sure it was worth the 10 minute wait - I am just glad no one was in line behind me.
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First of all........THANKS........
I have had no problems using my fact I have had the cashier ask where I got it from. Not only stocking up for Halloween, but we have a carnival coming up as a fun raiser at school........we will be using it for prizes.
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I am boycotting Kmart now. I went back today for another bag of candy and this time the cashier said I couldn't only buy the bag of candy - I had to buy something else with it(I was - a Polly Pocket- was she blind???) and she rang up the candy and said I couldn't use it on the bag I bought (It was listed on the coupon) because it was on sale- her manager said so(So calling the manager wouldn't have helped I guess) - She said I had to buy a bag of regular price candy. i said It's all on sale What kind can I get with the coupon them? - she said' Then you can't use the coupon. I think Kmart should get their policy straight - If they put out a coupon, they should HONOR it - not beat around the coupon because they don't want to give away free candy -

And for the record - I actually went to the Kmart site and registered to get the coupon. Guess i"m off to complain to Kmart via email.
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thank you sooooo much - nothing like free candy!!!!!!!!!
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dont forget these coupons expire in 1 more day!!
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Thank you for this one, it's awesome!
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