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Great post,Thank for sharing the infromation about

Walmart Double coupons.

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I don't think they do. It depends on what state you are in in florida there is one walmart that has double coupon daysicon14.gif

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Walmart's official coupon policy. I suggest that you print it out and keep it with your coupons. Not all Walmart stores know their corporate policy. Occasionally that's a good thing, but most often it isn't.

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It seems that the official line is a big fat "No", but it also seems that some local stores ignore this official line: Does Walmart Double Coupons?


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Here in Florida NO ONE doubles coupons :( 


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Ours don't double but they do accept manufacturer coupons on price matched items. I watch who my cashier is though because some are sticklers on exact oz or sizes or counts. For example, a local grocery store has powerade on sale for $.59 each IF you buy 15. Some cashiers will insist on the 15, some don't. Ours also takes competitor coupons and matches other store loyalty card prices.

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Ours doesn't either.  But like Missy said, they do ad-match, which is great!  I've had a really bad experience with it, but an amazing one last night!  Last night I saved over $20 ad-matching with 3 different ads!  One of the ads was a grocery store 50 miles away, and they still matched it!

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