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Adult ear infection and hearing loss question

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Hi ladies, I'm hoping someone can help me! I developed a pretty severe ear infection last week. My physician gave me a Z-pack which is an antibiotic taken for 5 days. I just took my last one this morning. She also told me to take regular sudefed.

It has been 5 days since I was diagnosed and my ear is a little better pain wise - but I'm still having pain. Almost even worse, my ear feels so 'plugged' like when you have water in your ears. My hearing in that ear is almost gone. I was not having hearing loss when originally went to the Dr., it started about two days ago. I also have tons of pressure.

When I called my Dr. and reported this, she said to still continue on the sudefed (I will, but it's not working at all). When I asked if this was common and my hearing was going to come back, she responded, "It should". Should?! I was so confident that she would say that it 'Would' I was really taken aback.

Has this happened to anyone else and is there anything else I can do about it? I feel like I'm walking around in a fog and I feel even driving is a little unsafe because I just can't hear well at all. Is there anything I can take/do that will unstuff this ear? I am seeing my physician for a follow up on Thursday, but it's so uncomfortable I'm willing to try anything to get some relief. Thank you!!
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I get ear infections bad. Like two or three every single winter. And I do lose my hearing for about month afterwards. My doctor told me that is very normal, the hearing will come back. And it always does.
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I have the plugged ear thing, and my Dr. says it's from allergies. She has me use Claritin D. Not regular Claritin; it has to be the D formula.
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Everyone I work w/ has been sick over the past few weeks and when I got it I had a congested head & chest along w/ an ear infection. It started out much like yours and dr even gave me the 5 day z-pak. Then on day 7, my chest & head were clear, but I woke up to miserable ear pain and could hardly hear. Back to the dr I go and he gave me some antibiotic ear drops and w/in a few days using them I was practically back to normal!

If I were you I'd try to get back to the dr sooner, I can't imagine the sudafed is going to help if it hasn't already, and I just don't like to mess around when it comes to my hearing!
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I've had that happen to me a few times and my hearing always came back. I used heat to make my ear feel better (a heating pad or the blow dryer). It always took a few weeks for my hearing to get back to normal. I was told that even though the infection is gone, fluid can stay in your ears for several weeks. That's what causes the hearing "loss".
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my mother a few years ago. Kept getting really bad ear infections one on top another never really going away and she is now deaf in that ear. They tried to fit her with a hearing aid but it didn't work since she still could hear certain tones.
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Hi... I recently had a very bad ear infection which came with excrutiating pain. After that I had major hearing loss. Yesterday I went to see and ENT,a nd had a hearing test. The test said that my hearing was medium to severe in loss in the one ear. It no longer hurts, but I have the weirdest feeling in my ear and head. Today I had an ENT exam and the results were normal. I feel like there is a cement wall in my head. THe Dr said he thinks it is viral and if the hearing doesn't come back and the feeling doesn't go away in few weeks, he wants for me to get an MRI of the ear. I have flight to tak next week, and I am nervous about what will happen. Hopefully I will be ok. Has anyone ever heard of this? Any suggestions for flying?
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I would go see an ENT if I were you.

Recently one of my friends almosr lost all hearing in her one ear. It went on for weeks , all the while she was on antibiotics and just waiting it out.
She eventually needed tubes put in her ears. Very rare for someone her age!
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I would also go see an ENT! Good luck!
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My experience as an adult with an earache. My problem ear, though my hearing is back, has, since the infection, always been sensitive to sound. When I talk on the phone, I never use that ear anymore.
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