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Do you have any daycare horror stories?

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My ds & dd were in a daycare maybe three years ago when I was still working. I thought it'd be fine and all, but my kids would come home crying and dirty everyday. I'd ask the coordinator what was going on and she would say they had behaved excellent all day. This was starting to get fishy, so I pulled them out and stuck them in a new one. My dd would say that the teachers were mean and wouldn't pay attention to the kids. Ugh!
How do you or someone you know screen daycare centers - do you have a grisly story to tell?
One of my good friends used to work in a daycare facility and one day she surprised me when she quit. She said she left because it went against her morals some practices the daycare had. One rule was to ALWAYS say that things went great throughout the day.
Ever since then, she's been a SAHM of her two girls.
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I truely believe that there are ALOT more good daycares out there then bad ones. Unfortunately you only hear about the bad ones. I have worked in several daycares as both a teacher and a manager over the years. We were never told to tell the parents things went well when they did not. All of the places I worked were places that I would gladly have my kids (and I did!) My youngest ds just started at a daycare center here after being home wtih me for a year (we moved). I was expecting him to throw fits, but he absolutely loves it!!!!! He has said nothing but good things and runs in there every morning without looking back. My 3rd grader also goes there after school for about 15 minutes until I get there. He is upset that I don't let him stay longer!!! I really don't like to focus on the bad daycares, I prefer to tell happy stories. Alot of working moms feel guilty enough (not me!) without hearing how terrible daycares are.
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I am a daycare provider and i hate hearing all the bad stories because there are so many more good ones. Although the bad does happen.

My friend was sending her kids to a provider for a short time. Every time she would call the assistant would say the owner was in the back room. She would never come to the phone and she always had her boyfriend over. My friend found out that he was not finger printed and that the lady was suspected of doing drugs while the kids were there. She only had them there for less then two weeks. The boys would come home really dirty too. Like hands and face not washed. She called me and asked my opinion and i told her if you have a gutt feeling that things are not ok take them out and she did. A couple months later she was shut down.

I personally have never had a bed experience.

I have worked with horrible parents though.
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@ the boyfriend over...sick!
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i never did daycare. i was way to nervous bout it. beforfe i was diagnosed with RA and had to stop working my daughter's grandmother would watch her while i worked.
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We had wonderful experiences in an inhome daycare up until age 3 then a daycare with a preschool cirriculum.

The city should have records of all places that are registered. You can go and see what kind of complaints are out there and what was found to be true.

There was one horror story when my oldest was a baby. At another daycare a larger worker tripped and landed on a newborn still in her carseat sitting on the ground, killed the baby.
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I am sure there are more good centers than bad ones. I never used a center, but I did use a licensed in home provider a couple times. This was when I was younger, and eligible for state help to pay most of the babysitter. Well, maybe not with the first sitter, because I recall that I paid her myself. Anyway, she took the children to a WIC appointment and lost my brand new diaper bag with a brand new outfit in it. My husband was furious and said he was not paying because she owed us now, but I could do what I wanted. She knew my husband got paid before me. So maybe she assumed we were not going to pay her. I was going to. With no notice she did not answer her phone(I went to work early, so I gave her a wakeup call) and she did not answer the door when I went to drop my kids off. Lost that job. No loss of money though, after that I did not pay her.
With the next babysitter she seemed so nice. She knit little jackets and hats for my daughters, and seemed thrilled to have little girls to watch, since she only had two boys. My girls were around 1 and 2, and my son was in Kindergarden or first grade, just like her son. Everything seemed to be going fine. One day hubby stopped in early and walked in to hearing her tell my son in a mean voice to hurry up and get his shoes on. My hubby said"thats ok son, take your time". She was very embarrassed. But that is not the reason we let her go. My 2 year old starting crying every day on the way to drop her off. She didn't say many words then so we couldn't get anything out of her but she would say"NO go Rays". Ray is short for what her name was. It could have been nothing, but we were not taking any chances. I switched to afternoons and told her I just couldn't work days anymore because it was hard to keep up with the housework. I still see her ocassionally, and she is not doing daycare anymore.
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I already posted before about my DD's kindergarten teacher's experience. The teacher had dropped her daughter off at preschool then got a phone call at work that her daughter had been found drowning in the school's pool. Thankfully she survived but it was close (9-1-1, paramedics, hospital stay, etc.)

My personal story is from before we had DD. I was looking for a part-time job and thought it might be fun to work at a daycare. I applied for a job and the owner called to set-up an interview. She wasn't very flexible about when I could come in because she kept saying she wanted to observe me with the kids so it had to be at a certain time. I finally agreed to come in when she specified because I didn't want to get off on the wrong foot. I went to the interview and she gave me a rather lame Q&A session in her office then quickly said she would show me around and observe me with the kids. She instructed me to put my purse away and go ahead and play with the kids in one of the classrooms. While this is going on I'm thinking there is no way I'm working here. The school was a converted house and the classrooms really weren't very well set-up. It was dirty, noisy and very dark - insanely dark. I certainly wouldn't have sent my kids there. Anyway, the owner disappeared for a little while - so much for observing me - then came back to say I could go now. I had a funny feeling about the whole thing. Later on I realized she truly was short handed and needed an extra adult to be with the kids when the state inspector came! Instead of hiring someone she had me come. Insane.
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When I was pregnant, I secured Tutor time. Baby was due in April, I secured a spot with a deposit in January, for him to start in June, as I was planning to return to work. All was good. So, to be proactive, I called the center two weeks before he was to start, just in case. The response: Oh, didn't you hear? We are discontinuing our infant program.
No. I never received the notice or phone call. They agreed to enroll him for a month while the rest of the parents were looking for a new daycare before the teacher was to be released.

So, I put him in a church daycare. Well known church, felt good about it. The staff outside the room seemed nice. Inside the room, however, was a witch in charge, and everyone else in the room cowed to her. It was hot in there, because there were no windows so they left the half door open to the outside. June in Arizona is hot and humid.

She really was a biotch. I saw a little guy who was a newbie in sitting up, fall back and hit his head on the concrete. Right - there was no rug in the peripheral area. He, of course, cried hard. They simply picked him up, no soothing, and put him in the crib. I saw them prop bottles, and when questioned, they said they were too busy to feed each baby individually. I went in early one day and my baby had his blanket wrapped around his head. Not simply laid on it, wrapped. They said he slept best that way, and it was so tight because of his movements in his sleep. There was one lady there who was wonderful, and took extra time to exercise his legs due to his gas and tummy problems.

The final daycare was clean, well lit, and a decent one, but still a daycare. My son, who was about 4 or 5 mos at this time, would sit and stare as they fed the other babies because he was so hungry. No shoes were allowed in the room, which was great! But he was then graduated to a crawlers room, where for some reason, shoes were allowed. The mobile kids mingled with the non-mobile ones, which is a recipe for disaster. Because shoes were allowed, I actually stepped on a crawler's fingers in my heels because I didn't know she was behind me. I decided to stay home after he was 9 mos. Neither of us handled daycare well. He would often throw up during the day, which he did when he cried hard, and so I knew he wasn't happy.

In searching for a daycare, however after Tutor Time played their game, I looked at another of their locations, now closed. They had a baby fall asleep under a gym on the floor. Another crawled and took a diaper out of the diaper pail - a poopy one, and was dragging it around. A third was in his crib the entire three hours I was there, and never taken out. He was awake much of the time. It was heartbreaking.

Another place had 10 swings surrounding one chair, where the person said she'd do it so she could read to them. OK. But then I observed they were in the swings on every visit I made to check, and they were there the entire time. I asked to see this place's health inspection reports and was told they weren't obligated to show them. I told them to check the law in my state, because while they didn't have to post them, they did have to show them on request. The place had been cited numerous times for bugs, which this "new" director said she was working on. They were cited twice again since I decided not to use them before I stopped paying attention.

Another one smelled strongly of urine. The director said she was trying to find the source of the problem. She'd been trying for four months. It was from the bathroom closest to the babies. Then she started complaining about how she got cited for not having enough staff when the inspector came, and the reason she didn't have the right amount of caregivers when he came is because she had to leave the room to meet a director, don't you often have to leave the room? I observed that at the end of the day, the kids were consolidated so the staff could leave early. Walkers were with infants, and I noticed a few times an older baby pushing an infant HARD in a swing. I brought it to their attention twice, and all they did was pull him away. He was preverbal, and they didn't control the situation. The place was dirty. The space now houses a Tuesday Morning store, and the bathroom is still icky, but remodeled.

I think daycare can be OK, if you find a great one, for older kids, like over age 2, but I would never advocate it for an infant's care. They just need more individual attention. The ratio here in this state for infants is 5:1, and believe me, that's what they work at. It's just not right for infants. I wasn't lucky enough to have family available to watch my son, and some don't have any choice at all, but choose your daycare wisely if you must use one. Personally, I would use a babysitter in someone that young, if a trustworthy one can be found. At $200 a week, they are out there.
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