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Ideas for Halloween party craft

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I was just informed that I am in charge of my ds 2nd grade Halloween party craft at school tomorrow. I need an idea for a quick/easy/fun craft.
They do not want to use paint. I am NOT crafty and the internet is not helping me very well
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paper plate pumpkins are easy, since they don't want to paint them orange, you could have them glue orange tissue paper squares then yellow tissue paper eyes/mouths, a little brown construction paper at the top with green pipe cleaners rolled for the tops.
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What Ive seen at my sons school (hanging up in the classrooms) are big pumpkins cut out of construction paper with faces on them, you can use markers to draw those and they seemed to be stuffed with paper (cant tell since Im just looking at them).

You can get black pipe cleaners and black pom poms and make big spiders out of them. Youll have to glue on the pom poms of course.

Lolly pop ghosts are fun. Just get tootsie roll pops and get tissue (kleenex) and put them over the lollypops and fasten with a rubber band or twist ties. Kids can then make a face on the ghosts.

Thats all I can think of.
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I always look around the elementary schools to see what other classes are doing.

I co-opted one 3rd grade class for 1st-grade DD's Halloween party. It was to make masks out of construction paper.

Get a large sheet of construction paper (11 x 14?). On the short ends, match the corners together and overlap slightly. Staple the corners together. You'll end up with a piece of paper that is sort of canoe shape.

Flip the paper over and the mask is then pointy on the top and bottom. The kids can then decorate the mask with construction paper pieces, stickers and crayons. It is fun to make a raised nose out of a triangle of construction paper. You can add ribbon for hair. I tend to use glue dots (Zots brand is available at WalMart) because they're quick and far less messy.
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I am in charge of these.

FamilyFun: Apple Bites Recipe - and More Family Fun

You can use banana chips instead of peanuts if you are nut free school/class.

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Thanks everyone for the great ideas!!
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