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Child Care during Parental Absence

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I've been getting much useful advice from this board just by lurking. Now, I have my own question, and I figured this was the best place to get an answer. My husband and I are going to California (from Michigan) to a wedding for a week. We are leaving our two young children with our parents (both sets live close to each other). Does anybody know of a form or the name of the form that a parent can leave with a "babysitter" so they have permission to take the child to the hospital/doctor for treatment in case of an accident? My Mom mentioned having seen one, but couldn't remember where. Since we are going to be so far away, I would like to have something in place in case of an emergency. Hope this makes sense, and thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

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You just need a medical power of attorney..and bring one to your pediatrician, too! Dh and I went to Cancun in January for a week, and left all six of ours. Actually, your pediatrician may have the form there...and you will just have to have it notarized.
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I would call your pediatrician's office and see if they have one. Most likely, your parents would be able to call the ped's office to find out whether or not they needed to go to the hospital, and their form might be good for the hospital as well.

When my son flew with my parents, I googled medical release form and combined a couple to cover everything and got it notorized - just to be sure since they were going to be in another state. Since the kids are staying in their home, you won't need too much.

Have fun, and welcome to the boards.
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What part of California are you going to? I live in the Sacramento area.
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Here is a link to a daycare site that has the emergency medical authorization on it. I hoep this helps I use this for daycare and also for Treston....I am actually putting a link to a website that has a bunch of them on there. I was going to just put one for you but she has many on her site.

You can save these and change what you want to change. IF it doesn't link try on the left side click on forms and then go to health/medical on the forms page. Scroll down and there are a bunch of different ones. One of these will work for you I am sure of it. HTH PAtricia
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When my dh and I went away for week in Jan we left the boys with my MIL. I called their Ped and they said I just had to write a note saying we (with our names) give permission for MIL (with her name) to get medical attention for our boys (their names and dob) and the dates we'd be gone. So I just wrote it up and left it with her along with their insurance cards just in case she needed them.
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Thank you guys very much! I knew I came to the right place. I will check out all of the info you gave me. That gives me a little more peace of mind leaving the little ones.
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Originally Posted by Jodie View Post

What part of California are you going to? I live in the Sacramento area.

We're staying in Anaheim, but the wedding is in San Juan Capistrano. I've heard that Anahiem is not the best place to stay (of course I hear this after we make our reservations!)
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We've done this a couple of times and this is what we did:

1) we talked with the child's ped office and told them about our trip. They said to bring in a signed letter stating how long we will be away, who will be responsible, and list our names and the children's names. We faxed it in and they kept it in his file

2) we also made a copy for our parents to have with them

3) We also left with them a copy of our will in the event something TERRIBLE were to happen to us so there wouldn't be any question about the care of our kids

4) Tell at least two other people your plans and maybe indicate who those people are on your parents' signed letter

5) leave your insurance cards (for the kids) with the people you are leaving your child with.
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