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bzzagent invites today

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I just had 2 invites from is the sonicare toothbrush (the other from Listerine whitestrips)! I'm so excited about that toothbrush system. Time to log-in to your homepages!
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WOO HOO! I am doing the Listerine one right now, and just got an invite to sonicare! Those things are expensive! Do you think we will actually get the toothbrush? LOL, let's hope. I checked out the website for it and they now have a uv sanitizing light. How cool is that?
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Thanks for mentioning this. I just went to the site and signed up and got in!!! Lots of times if I wait until I get the email the thing will already be filled, so I appreciate the heads up!!
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I remember in the past other mommysavers who are also buzzagents writing that they had received a whole sonicare system, so that's encouraging . Guess they are doing the campaign again...maybe they changed it up a little with the uv as you mentioned.

Glad you were able to join the campaign also!
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i hope it is the whole thing!!! that would be cool.
these are the first two that I have gotten into, i normally am to late so i was very happy when i opened my email this morning!
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I signed up with the sonicare UV toothbrush head sanitizer today as well. Im also on the listerine whitening strips and afrin nose spray.
I already have the sonicare toothbrushes so to get a nice sanitizer will be cool.
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I got my early invite last night, too. I signed up for the uv system, and I can't wait. I got the toothbrush before, and I've been doing the strips for the last month or so. I love bzzagent!!!
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Ive never heard of this site??? sounds like a good one tho!!
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Just signed up for mine too!! Can't wait to get them!!! Thanks!!!!!!
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I got in on the Sonacare one too. I hated the Whitestrips. I did that one in the summer. I signed up for Afrin too. That stuff works great.
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