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Email companies for coupons!!!

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I have been doing this for a few months and have got some really good coupons. Today alone I got over $11 worth in coupons in the mail-Nestle, Campbells and Fresh Express. It is so easy and quick to email all your favorite companies for coupons.
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Good job Thanks for posting!
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Ive been doing thats as well. Ive gotten some good ones from, bubba burger, dole, heinz has sent me a TON,febreeze, Dial and a few others i cannot think of.
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how do you find the e-mail addys? what do you say in your e-mail?
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I just pick a company and go to their website. Just look around for a link that says "contact us" and than you will get to their email address. I just ask for them to please mail me any coupons that they have available. Sometimes I tell them that I like their product other times I dont.
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Good idea of doing this will have to do this with some things that my son likes and uses as well as me and my husband. Thanks for posting this idea.
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I do this as well...try Ziploc (Reynolds co.) too...they send out good coupons. I got some for doritoes by e-mailing them too. Don't try Dr.pepper b/c I did and they e-mailed back w/ a reply that they do not ever have coupons b/c they feel their prices are low enough and to watch for their sales!
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Yeah, a few companies do not do coupons. I have probably emailed about 20 (probably more) companies and all but maybe 5 have emailed me saying that they do not do coupons. But still, I am not out anything but two or three minutes that it took me to find them and email them.
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Great idea! I have called companies before and they have sent me coupons, but I have never thought to email them. Do you put your mailing address in the original email?
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It just depends on if they have you fill out a form or if it is just in regular email style. Just make sure that they have your address.
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