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What to price yard sale items?

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I am having my first yard sale in a few weeks. I have gone to a few yard sales this summer, but not very many and I don't know what to price my items. It seems like a hassle to take my daughter in and out of her carseat at yard sales, so I usually just take her to our local thrift store to save money. I have a ton of baby clothes. Can I just hang a sign with dresses-$x, tops-$x, bottoms-$x? Is this proper yard sale etiquette or do I have to put a sticker on each item?
So my items are mostly:

baby clothes
my and DH clothes
kitchen items
scrapbooking stuff
When I ask friends about what to price, they just say, "Cheap". So I really need help!
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I have usually priced my sons clothes at 50 cents an item or 75 cents - $1 for outfits. Couple dollars for coats. Pricing depends on - are you having the sale to make $$ or to get rid of stuff?? If you want to get rid of stuff - price it cheap. If you want to make $$$, price a little higher but be willing to negotiate. I usually price books for 25-50 cents for paperback and 50 cents-$1 for hardback.

If you use a sign for pricing - make sure you have several signs around so people can easily find out how much something costs.
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Lou's suggestions are great. One thing that we also have done with our yard sales is to price clothing at $.50/piece or $3.00/bag. If you have a lot of clothes that you want to get rid of, this is a good way to do it.
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I generally put $5 a bag or hold off until the last couple hours of the sale for the bag sale. I generally have my clothes 25¢ or 50¢ a piece and $1 for sets. Last time I just hung a sign that said anything not marked was 25¢. I had severl all over. Books I did 50¢. Good luck
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Thanks for all your suggestions. Our town does a city wide sale, so I should have lots of business!
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It's funny cause when I go yard saleing I've notice prices are different in different neighborhoods.
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I'm having a garage sale this weekend thanks for the tips!! I'm thinking a sign at least for the clothing is a GREAT idea! We have a TON to sell!
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Now that tag sales are in season, any advice on how to price things?

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I am having a garage sale also on Saturday. I make sure everything is invididually priced. I like my sale ran like I like to shop them. I find it annoying when nothing is priced, the owner says oh, IDK, such and such for long sleeves, this priced for short sleeve...I usually just walk out.


I also price my stuff how I liked to buy them LOL. .25 to .50 each piece of clothes, nothing ever over $1 usually. I am not having the sale to make money but get rid of stuff!!

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baby clothes  (OK my area has a huge consignment sale. Which is what I plan on doing because you actually can sell outfits for more) JBF sales are all over my region we have two big ones a year. I have a lot of Gymboree thanks be to grandma I will get more for it because people consider it quality

my and DH clothes (Depends on condition $1-$5) More for dress

books (depend on condition no more then 1/4 the cover price)

kitchen items 

scrapbooking stuff (You might get a bit more if you sell it in sets)

toys (depends on the toy)


IF anything is really worth like more then $25 I would try craigs list as well

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