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I got a full sized package of Dunkin Donuts coffee from a survey site
suave sample, seed package, chant cd, recipes from the butter board, bose head phone supliment kit
Probably more but I forget right now.
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Got the unity Calendar and suave samples yesterday.
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i got post it samples, dove deo, playtex wet cloth, fibre one cereal, good nite shorts
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Yesterday I got a Glade Scented Oil candle & a Sonic care toothbrush sanitizer thing
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Got bodycology samples, I wish more companies would send coupons with their products. I might be more likely to buy the full size!
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Hello all! I just started signing up for freebies about a month ago, so now everyday feels like Christmas when I check my mailbox!

So far I've received my Dunkin Donuts Coffee (awesome), ziploc steam bag, several perfume samples, Neutrogena Morning Burst facial scrub, and a yummy breakfast bar from Kashi. I love this site and so glad I found it.

Happy Holidays!

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Tons of xmas cards (YAY!)
ANOTHER $3 check from pinecone research
a free 12 pack of dr pepper
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I got Jergens lotion samples and post-it samples.
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Wow, last week I got sooo much. $25 gift card for American Gem Society, Pam Prof., sun crystals sweetener, Baby Phat perfume, cool blue journal w/pen, Dove Energy Glow, bracelet, Degree Deoderant, tooth mirror thing and lots more.
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Yesterday I got the Proctor and Gamble samples: dunkin donuts coffee, tampax tampons, prilosec, dishwasher detergent. I also received a coupon for free coffeemate creamer.
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