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Originally Posted by supanerdstef View Post

Tons of xmas cards (YAY!)
ANOTHER $3 check from pinecone research
a free 12 pack of dr pepper

i want a free 12 pack where you gettin that did i miss something.......come on give the info up lol
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I got the McGruff trading cards, Always pantiliners and a Campbell's recipe book! Good mail day!
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I got
2 Coupons for Entenmanns donuts (YUM!!)
2 xmas cards (yay!)
and a bottle opener from Malboro- thatll go to my mom since i dont drink or smoke lol!!
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Thos week was a great week, I got:

Kotex panty liner sample
Nutragena anti age sample
Jergens moisturizer samples
melosleep herbal sleeping tabs
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I got KNEX, Shania twain sample perfume. Word World (DVD) the show is on PBS KIDS. That i all I've gotten so far. I usually get alot more at least one a day but since I moved I haven't.
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Hair Mystery sample
Jergens sample
a coupon for FREE poppycock!
a $5 gift check to KFC that I recieved for some contest i entered? COOL!
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Pg Sample Packet
heniz coupons
del monte coupons
and coupons from a mommysaver
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Saturday I got the Mystery Shampoo sample, it say's that they reveal who/what they are on the 17th!! I hope my hair doesn't all fall out, lol!!
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I got:
naturals cat food sample & coupon
Xmas card from walmart
4 coupons from bumblebee tuna
2 coupons from better n eggs
$3 check from pinecone research
$3 coupon for butterball turkey
2 coupons from skinny cow
zootles magazine for my daughter
a free book i got for my mom
Wow that was a GOOOD mail day!!!!
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today i got a calendar from pillsbury, candy bar, coupons for old orchard juice
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