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Gift Idea for girls hitting puberty!

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I'm so excited. Mt niece is 13 1/2 and just got her first period. I've adored this girl ever since me and my husband were dating. And I've always treated her like my own (I have 3 boys). And her mom just called me last night to tell me she got her first period. I was going to send her a little card but then thought what can I send with it? Any ideas as far as a small gift to welcome her into womanhood? TIA
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How about a little piece of jewelry? You should check - they have cute necklaces and bracelets that appeal to that age group. I have a niece almost that age and she likes things like that. They usually have some nice things in the clearance section, though maybe not this close to Christmas....

I also think it is a good time for you to write something special in her card to remind her that you will always be there for her any time she wants to talk and get a different perspective than she might get from her parents. Lately I have been reminding my niece of this every time I see her. My sister is very different than I am (I think I am way more open minded and liberal than she is) and I can see that my niece is going to need someone that will be very open and honest with her about teenager stuff.
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I would have killed my mom if I found out she told anyone that. I was extremely private about that sort of thing. Good luck!
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Both my daughters have already gotten their periods. One is 12 and the other 11. Of course I have told other family members, but no one would dare say anything to them. I know they would freak.
My 12 year old daughters friend came to drop something off to her one day last summer, and her Grandma decided to tell me right there in front of both of them. The Grandma was so excited, and the girl was mad at her.
But I know everyone is different. I don't want to discourage you, just observing how people handle things differently. I think the jewerly sounds nice.
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Oh she's so cool about me knowing. She knows that she can come to me ANYTIME to talk to me about anything. We have a very open relationship. Recently she's been wanting a cell phone and I told her she doesn't need one right now, and I will get her one when she's 16 myself. And she's cool with that. She considers me as a mother figure herself. So I'm not worried about how she'll take it if she knows her mom told me. She knows I know. I was thinking something like a basket with small things, like journal, some polish, some cute little hair stuff or jewelry.
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lol.. I don't get the 'excitement' .. i HATED getting my period,, still hate it each and every month *now 40 years old*.

It's nice that ya'll are close,, and it DOES seem to me that girls aren't as 'private' about things like that nowadays. I know the teenyboppers at my daughters' high school walk around carrying tampons and such,, so different than in 'my day'
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