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Shih-tzu itching

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My shih tzu scratches constantly! He gets haircuts short but he will go out and roll in the dirt because he is itchy. Then I gotta give him bath. I try not to bathe him too often but what can you do? I use a conditioner but does anyone have any suggestions? any help is appreciated thks
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Does he have red spots on him anywhere? Could be what they call hot spots. Maybe he has allergies to something? What kind of shampoo do you bath him in??
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Shih-tzus are WAY high up there on the list of dogs that have allergies. It can be a food allergy, a flea allergy (even one flea bite can trigger a bout of intense itching) or an allergy to dust/mold/pollen... anything. And it can start up at any age. If you notice crusty red spots, especially on the belly/inner thigh area, it could be a skin infection. I would call your vet and have a check-up if the itching persists or the skin is irritated. Dogs can take benadryl- your vet can give you a safe dose for your dog's weight.
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I have a Shih Tzu. If yours plays outside she could have a grass allergy. It could be yard fleas. It could also be an allergy to what you are bathing her with or conditioner. Sometimes I simply use johnson and johnson on her because it's very gentle and rinse rinse rinse, even if she is kept cut short. Those fine hairs trap more shampoo than you think!

Do you have any potty training problems with yours? Just asking because I have TONS of problems with mine!
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We have used all different kinds of shampoos I just recently bought mane and tail and cond. See he's good after the bath but like in 2-3 days he will start the scratching and chewing his under side is red from licking it. He gets hot spots def on his base of the tail but usually when his hair grows out. I have heard the benedryl thing before too. My vet is never very "talkative" when it comes to discussing these issues- He says Shih's just tend to itch and scratch. We use frontline plus and it for the most part seems to work ok. My son (13) will freq take on the task of giving "Bentley" his bath and I wonder if possibly he's not being as thourough as I am.
As for potty training- I used to have issues when I worked outside the home but now he's good. Once in a while he will go in the basement but generally he holds it. I mean I will let him out and he will walk in circles for like 10 min before he pees! On walks he's fine. He came from a shelter that busted up a puppy mill for shih's-- he had NEVER been out of the cage except to mate! He would only walked in circles for the first few months we got him.
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I emailed your question to my mom, she knows a lot about dog problems. She said:

Take him to the vet, it's probably allergies, fleas, allergies to fleas, seasonal allergies, food allergies, skin infection due to allergies etc. I had to get a prescription for antibiotic, (third round), antimicrobial shampoo (10 minute baths as often as I can) admminister Benadryl (three times a day) due to staff infection from allergies. If the Vet offers to give cortizone...use it as a LAST resort, you can lose your dog from side effects form the treatment itself.
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WOW- totally thanks! I might seek out a different vet and see if I can get a good dx on him. Poooor Bentley! I feel so sorry for him....I'll let you all know what happens!
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I have 4 dogs and 2 of them suffer from skin issues! I go to my vet and buy them a anti itch spray called Dermal Sooothe and also a spray that has Pramoxine in it.I spray it on after i give them a bath-It seems to help them. My vet also told me to watch what i bath them in- citrus shampoo can be irritating to some puppies. I also give them clairin daily which seems to help! keep us posted on how your little Bentley is doing!
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