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Preschoolers report card

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Do your preschoolers get report cards with grades? My sons school sent them out yesterday and I am kind of surprised at what all they are expecting them to know at this age. The also did the Dibel's test which is a reading test and he did not do well at all. I am a bit concerned and wondering if I should be getting him a tutor to get him more prepared for Kindergarden. Anyone one have any experience with this?
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I don't know! My boys aren't in school yet, but I hope someone else out there knows!

My son is 4 but in a Mom's Day Out program! He turned 4 on July 29th so we're holding him back! I was wondering though - what types of things are they wanting them to know??? My son is a little sponge and I keep thinking I need to teach him things! Probably would be good to work on things he'll need to know anyway - just not sure what!
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I am sorry that is riduculous not like the children will not have 18 yeras of report cards. THe preschool that i worked at did progress notes but they just said not mastered, tried or workign on stuff like that. Don't worry about kindergarten all of them have to start out fresh like no one ever went to preschool most of the children that go to preschool are bored the first couple months. I have heard that from so many of my friends with schoo. age children Don tworry
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No...but we specifically chose a play based preschool for our kids.
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I cannot believe they are giving a reading test to your preschooler. I have a dd in a Pre-K program now and she does not get grades. She does get evaluated in Spring to see where she falls with regards to normal 4 year old development. I wonder if the school is just seeing what your child knows with letters, words and phonics? In our school district kids do not get grades until 3rd. They get satisfactory checks on state standards, so it is not unusual for the Pre-K programs around here to not give grades.
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ok that is a bit much for preschool i personaly would not put much value in the report card. my oldest(now in first grade) had a confrence and we went over what he knew and if they thought he was ready to go to kindergarten or not but there were no grades and reading was not even on the evaluation. also the dippel test is usually used in kindergarten and up to help track your childs progress so they can see if they are moving forward...

the things i would recommend your child know for kindergarten are
recognize all letters and numbers on paper
know all colors and shapes
count at least to 20
start the basic sight words such as it no real simple ones

my son started reading in kindergarten our district uses jolly phonics to start reading and he did well. just make sure your child knows the basics and forget about that report card.
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Although I don't send my 3 year old to preschool, and have no intentions too. I gotta comment on this. My first 3 children went to Headstart. I wouldn't have been able to afford it otherwise. The main focus was on play. And that is how it should be. At that age they learn through play. The were read stories, poems, sang songs. Played make believe. Said a thankyou(not a prayer) before they ate. They even learned to count to 10 in different languages. Just having a book read to them encourages future reading. They didn't get report cards. There was some sort of parent-teacher meeting during the year, and I got a sheet of paper talking about their abilities.
What kind of a preschool is this? My 3 year old knows the uppercase letters, but that is it. I am working on the lowercase ones, right now, we are having a little harder time with that.
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This is a private preschool that he goes to. He went last year to three year old preschool and the second week home I got a note that we needed to work on handwriting. Well, come to find out they were pushing him to write with his right hand when he's a definite lefty!!
So, he knows all his upper and lower case letters, can count to 20 (skips 17 occasionally), knows his colors, he knows alot of sight words like dog, dad, mom, cat, ball, etc. He knows most of the sounds of letters. He takes speach therapy because he can't say his F's correctly. I am just a bit overwelmed by everything. And like someone else said - this is only a small percentage of the kids who will be in his kindergarten class and I do fear that they are pushing these kids too much and they will end up being bored and causing trouble or be burnt out in kindergarten. I thought the point of preschool was to start teaching them how to be a student and interact with others. I remember learning my colors and playing in preschool but that was 20 years ago.
Thanks for all the comments. It does make me feel better to know that this is not what always happens in preschool. This is a small town and we don't have alot of options and my son definetly needs to be out with kids during the day so I really don't want to pull him out.
Thanks everyone!!!!
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Personally i think your preschool is a little extreme. He knows so much and they are grading him on things he'll be learning in elementary school. I am all for our kids being prepared for Kindergarten but there is a line.

Also i haven't heard of grades in preschool. When i worked with my friend in her preschool we did do progress reports just to let the parents know what letters, numbers and etc....they knew or needed help on. We made it a game for the kids though and didn't pressure them in anyway.
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well my dd would be failing miserably if she went to that school. she refused to cut anything/ refused to hold the pencil and decided she could only count to 4. she then said I'm done. that was her preschool eval for conferences. she actually goes to 2 schools and the other one said she does/tries everything just fine. there must be a personality clash with one of her teachers.
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