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5 year old sleepover party-ideas please

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I'm thinking about having a little sleep over party for my dd who will be turning 5. It would just be a couple neighbor girls and maybe a couple cousins. Just looking for some ideas on things to do. TIA!
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Check out the ideas that Family Fun has for sleep overs. You can decorate T-shirts for nightshirts, pillowcases, make/decorate cookies.
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make your own pizzas on english muffins
decorate your own cookie/cupcake (put frosting in a sandwich bag, snip corner)

paint finger nails
light makeup
dress us style show (use dd's dress up clothes or have them bring 1 outfit)
dance party, turn it up they will love it.

bring your own doll/teddy bear make crown, bracelet/necklace
bring a puppy decorate dog bowl (cereal bowl)
decorate pillowcase/t shirt
make bead necklaces
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Let them make their own sundaes. Put out an assortment of toppings and ice cream. If it's before Christmas - let them make Christmas crafts and cards for family and friends. Kind of like a secret santa store. You could even help them wrap the gifts they make.
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Those are all great ideas. However, have these kids stayed over before? If they are all around 5 yrs. old and have not been on a sleepover, you may want to rethink this! I allowed my daughter for her 7th birthday to have an "almost" sleepover. The kids came in pjs, we played games, watched movies, did crafts, etc. But they all left before bedtime, so there were no late night phone calls to their parents to come get them! If they are relatives and close friends it may be ok, but i know at age 5, my own kids weren't ready, no matter how comfortable they were with the people in the daytime. Unless it was at Grandma's!
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I agree with the Almost Sleep Over Party I did this for my daughter's 4th birthday and it was a big hit. Maybe you should do that and maybe have a cousin that has stayed over before stay over for the night. We bought some cheap pillow case to decorate from Oriental Trading and stuffed them with fluff.

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Thanks for the ideas. It should be fine since the cousins are a little older and have stayed over many times and the if the neighbors don't want to stay they just live across the street.
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