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Submissive wives??

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I was Just Wondering what your thoughts are on this ??

Should the man always Wear the pants in the family??

Should a Woman Really submit to Her husband and always Put her Needs and feelings After his?

Do you mostly do as Your Husband wishes ?

I just was thinking about this ....

I am anything But Submissive-
My Mom Does everything for my dad , and My sister is the same way. I have never ever let a Man tell me what to do
I just can't live like that. I Like to be somewhat in control.
My DH is anything But Whipped , But - He knows not to mess with me

How is it in your House?
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It's not for me. I just wasn't raised that way . Having said that, some women prefer and thrive on that kind of relationship so to each their own.
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My DH & I are equals in our relationship. But to each their own. As long as someone isn't in an abusive relationship, they need to do what works for them and what they choose to do. For some that is the woman being submissive but I know one couple where the man is the submissive one. Not how I want my DH to be but they say they are happy . . .
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My Dh thinks that way- but that is because that was the way he was brought up (his mom is really submissive to his father).

For the most part- DH wears the pants in the family- when he is home- but he works a lot and things are done my way in the house (since he does not do anything in the house). I usually put my DH before me- only because that is the way I am- I would go without so someone can have something they need/want. So I guess in a way I am submissive- there are things I don't sway on and he knows what things I don't back down from.
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I probably put my husband before myself in some instances, but he also does the same for me. I guess that makes us equal.
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I wouldnt say he was the boss- but I definantly do more around here. Since he works and I stay home. I do lay his clothes out... and really probably do more than I should lol- but Im just being nice i guess.
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Our marriage is a partnership, we each have an equal say in how our home is run and how we raise our children. When there is a conflict we discuss it and try to figure out what would be best for our family. Sometimes I get my way and sometimes we do things DH's way.
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Originally Posted by supanerdstef View Post

I do lay his clothes out... and really probably do more than I should lol- but Im just being nice i guess.

I wish mine would lay out my clothes. He has a way better sense of style that I do.

We have a very equal relationship. There are certain things I have more control over (the budget) and certain things he has more control over (the whole pet issue) but it all seems to even out for us.
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I don't think about it as being submissive. I do many things for my husband.......that make him happy. I try to always make his needs a priority for me. But I have to say....that my husband does the same for me. He tries very hard to make me happy and comfortable......and I think it's only fair for me to do the same. So am I submissive??? sometimes....but that doesn't mean I allow anyone to treat me with disrespect or to be abusive. I hope I explained it well.
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LOL!! Id be scared if my hubby picked out mine lmao!!
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