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How does MYpoints work?

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I just signed up and I'm not sure how I can use it to my advantage without spending $???
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If you don't want to spend any money, you can earn 5 points for each email you open. They send you advertising emails, and you read them, click on the link, and once you get to the website they routed you to, you just close the window. Mypoints keeps track of all your clicks, and when they add up to enough, you can cash out for a giftcard. Sometimes you can get 5-50 points for a short survey.
If you ever need to buy anything online, make sure you go to mypoints first and see if they are a partner. Say you were going to buy something from Target anyway, go to target from the mypoints page, and you will earn points on your purchase.
But you don't have to do this. It just takes longer to get your points if you are just reading emails.
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I haven't bought anything, but I've earned a $25 gift card from my points in about 6 months. I jsut click on the emails and try any survey opportunities that I get emailed.
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also if you go to the website they have a "tell us and earn points" section with little surveys for 5 points each. I hadn't been in a few months and just earned 30 points doing all the ones that had come available since then.
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I have been a member of MyPoints since 2000. I found them trustworthy as far as these type of companies go because my company was working directly with them at the time. As it turns out they have been very good even with my email. Not knowing much about things then, I registered with an email I actually used often and after seven years, I may get junk mail but it's legit mail not the real annoying VIAGRA and soliciting ones.

I usually get myself $50 gift card each year from just clicking on an email or two a day, nothing more.

I recommend them.
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I LOVE mypoints, they financed a portion of my Christmas!!

In general to the clicking emails, don't forget to fill in your profile, you get 60 points just for doing that. I shop thier links all the time too, its just easier. You also get points for referring people to mypoints. Thier surveys are short and sweet,even if you don't qualify, you get 10 points. If you can trust yourself, I have a mypoints Visa card. I get credit for every purchase I put on my Visa, 1 point for every dollar I spend. Its really just that easy! I cashed in this year and got several gift cards for my Christmas shopping, and I did some of my shopping through thier links. I'm back up to about 5000 points already!

MOST of thier email offers are junk, I just click the link and delete. But sometimes they have some GREAT offers! Essp this year with my shopping, I took advantage of a few of them and earned some great points! Like Vista print, ane
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