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Need help for 4yr old's cough...

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My poor 4 year old has been coughing almost non stop for 24 hours. She has circles under her eyes. Does anyone have a cough suppressant they recommend? I've tried delysm, robitussin & mucinex cough in the past. I gave her mucinex this morning and it hasn't helped. I would like to run out and get something that might help her for bedtime.

Please don't give me a speech about medicines not working. If you know of anything that helps your child, please let me know!!

She will not do cough drops, honey or tea. Thanks
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Not sure if you have seen the posts but so many are raving about putting Vicks on feet with socks on. They say it stops the coughing right away.

I gave my four year old robitussin last night and it did seem to help him. I was going to do the Vicks but didn't have any.
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Thanks Jodie. I did see that and tried it for myself. It opened my head up but I don't know if it helped my cough.

My daughter won't let me put socks on her for bed much less Vicks. She isn't a very good patient

I know there is no easy fix all but I just want to make her feel better!
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Maybe just try Delsym. The only thing in it is a cough suppresent (sp). Plain Robitussin is a loosener and might make the cough worse. Also plain mucinex has a loosener in it and would make the cough worse.
I hope something works.
Oh, do you have a cool humidifier? That works sometimes.
Have her try to sleep on at least 2 pillows to elevate her head.
Good luck.
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Ohhhhhh boy!! I've had this going on w/my almost 6 yo dd since Dec. 8. Had her to Dr. to get lungs checked 2x and they are clear. She's had amox, steroid and albuterol. The cough is pretty much gone at night but still very hoarse and horrible sounding during the day and especially w/high activity (yes xmas was a cough-fest! lol)
I am calling Dr. in a little while to see if there is any other suggestions!! I was lucky and got her on an HMO plan with a $6 copay for Rx's!

My best friend recommends mucinex, think I'll try that tonight even though it's more than my $6 copay!!
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My SIL uses Delsym for my nephews.
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We use the Walmart brand Equate night time cough and cold.. It works, has a little sleep enhancer and is less expensive than the others.
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Thank you ladies! I just got back from taking them to CVS. What a joy. I went back to Triaminic Cough & Cold (it is probably the same thing Hope2 is using). I put Vicks on her chest & back and tucked her in on the sofa propped up with a pillow. I'll try to do Vicks on her feet at bedtime but I doubt she'll go for it.
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I would take her to the dr!

I hope she is feeling better soon!
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Originally Posted by Happymom View Post

I would take her to the dr!

I hope she is feeling better soon!

Thank you

I took her to the doctor a few weeks ago and they keep preaching to me that they don't prescribe any medication because it is ineffective. She got better and then got another cold. I have used prescription cough syrup in the past and it worked. The doctor told me he felt validated because it is now their policy not to prescribe cold medicine.
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