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Yesterday I got the juicy juice sippy cup and the sample of arm and hammer toothpaste.
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This week I got the charmin extend a roll and nature made vitamin sample and coupon.
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I got Tide Pure Essentials samples and coupons and the Slim Fast starter kit, which is awesome. It came with a bunch of great coupons (plus a lot of good info, a shopping list and a pedometer)!
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bzzagent kit for hillshire farms wraps!
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biz laundry detergent (wow i ordered this ALONG time ago)
cvs card
suave coupomn
coupons for 2 free glory food items
burts bes seeds
turbotax note book from vocal point
new port news catalog
games for windows magazine
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On saturday, I got my dryel coupon $4 off plus also in the envelope was $2 ivory snow detergent coupon and Dryel spray starch coupon.
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Dunkin Donuts coffe
Charmin extender
Kashi go lean
Citizens Bank tee
Juicy Juice sippy
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Lately I've been so dried out of freebies but today I finally got some:

Slim Fast Starter Kit - it's great as pp said, was looking foward into it coming
Charmin Roll Extenders - I really needed these
Vocalpoint Notebook - Small little notebook great for shopping lists.

I can't wait 'till tomorrow mail,
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Today I got a sample of Aleve pain reliever & a Ziploc Steamer Bag!!
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Today was a good day: Laughing husband picked up the mail and said he couldnt believe all the stuff I got

Kotex sample pad with $2.00 coupon
Huggie diaper from walmart
Turbo tax notebook
Murad skincare products to help with those laugh lines am getting
Juicy Juice sippy cup, gave to my nextdoor neighbor son he was so happy, he wanted to know where the juice was?
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