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Lunch ideas for a sahm

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I need a lil help or a few suggestions on lunch ideas for me and my2yr old. we seem to eat out alot, but with my news years resolution i want to stop spending money on unneeded things. My son will eat anything im more picky than he is! Any ideas would be awesome.
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Just depends on what you kids are older and in school, but I eat the same things I ate when they were smaller and eating it with me. We don't do junk food or prepackaged foods, so lunch is usually something like soup and sandwiches, salads, quesadilla, leftovers from dinner, brown rice and grilled veggies, pasta or rice, eggs...heck, sometimes it's pancakes. LOL Just depends.
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you can make a pizza and freeze into small sections. if you go heavy on the veggies, it can be justified. i may be a little biased, though, in that i could eat pizza everyday and still love it....

soups and sandwiches are always great options.
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How about PB&J, my 17mo. old tried it not long ago, and LOVED IT!
I think soup is another easy one... even consider using a crockpot and making extras so you can have some for lunches and to freeze. (Check out the crockpot forum) HTH
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I tend to do soup or leftovers. in the summer a lot of salads
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Grilled Cheese
Ham & cheese
Bologna & cheese
Turkey & cheese
Egg sandwiches
Any of the above on a tortilla
Cheese sticks w/pretzels
I serve a fruit & pretzels or goldfish with it. They usually have yogurt for a mid-afternoon snack.
Try Yobaby yogurt for your 2 year old. It is my 2yo favorite food!
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I try to make enough at sinner to get at least two lunches for myself or I'll eat a sandwich of some sort such as: grilled ham & cheese, egg sandwich w/tomato, turkey & pepper jack cheese, etc... or a hot dog (if wieners are on sale). Hope that this helps.

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--there's the recipe for the crescent rolls that you roll up a hot dog in (it's on most of the crescent roll containers)
--cheese, crackers, and fresh fruit
--take a tortilla, put a layer of peanut butter on, some jelly if you like, put a banana on it to one side and roll up.
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I usually eat leftovers, but sometimes I make a salad the night before. Mix chopped apple with dressing in tupperware, fill with spinach and put chopped nuts and cheese cubes on top. Then when you go to eat it, just mix it up in the container to spread the dressing. You have a fresh salad all ready, but it doesn't get soggy from the dressing.
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