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Questions about powdered milk!

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Ok..since our grocery budget is so tight this month I thought about buying a box of powdered milk to use for cooking/baking to try and stretch out the gallons of milk I buy each month. I have never used it before. Is there a certain brand that tastes better, or do you normally buy the store brand? Does anyone have any tips on mixing the milk to get a better product? Any info would be helpful!
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I bought a box of carnation About 3 weeks ago! I bought it cause it was the one on sale and cheaper than Store brand.
I really don't know how it could Taste different - but it does have the Best of taste gold Seal.
Be prepared though - it isen't much cheaper than regular milk. I thought it used to be alot cheaper.
I bought a small box and it was still about 6.00 -
I think it makes about a Gallon and a half.

I am also interested in hearing what I can Use this For that won't matter too much in taste!
I bought the box for one Recipe Maybe I can use it up this Week!!
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I usually buy the HUGE box at Aldi. It's now 9.99 and honestly, I'm not sure how much it actually makes. I normally make up 1/2 gallon at a time, and use it for cooking and baking. I've also been known to add it to an already opened jug of milk, to make it last longer. :D one here has ever noticed. My only suggestion is, if you're going to use it for drinking and/or on cereal, mix it up and refrigerate it overnight. It just tastes better that way! Hope this helps!!
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I have been using powdered milk for about four months now. I do mainly use it to cook and bake with. I too originally got it for one recipe, but than wanted to use it up. I have bought Caranation and store brand. Taste wise, I dont know because I havent tried drinking either one. I have made my kids chocolate milk with it and they didnt know the difference and they have had cereal with it too. Like I said, I mainly use it for baking and cooking and I have used it in my coffee to make my creamer last longer. I did try using of for whipped cream-got the recipe off the box. It was good. It did say to use it up right away since it will start to seperate. I tried pudding with it once, it was good, but there again you need to use it up because it did seperate on me. My opinion get which ever is cheaper (name brand or store brand) and give it a try. As far as mixing, I put it into a 2 qt liquid container and shake it up really good. Than each time I use it, I will give it another shake. It is also pretty pricey, I think I spent around $7 for a box that makes two gallons. You can also find lots of recipes that call for powered milk. Overall, I think it is worth trying at least once.
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There is so much about powdered milk to tell you!

First of all, it doesn't come in just non-fat. You can get full-fat or low-fat powdered milk.

Secondly, the smaller the granule, the better the milk. DO shop around. I personally hate the taste of Carnation. I like a product called Morning Moo. Many people add a few drops of vanilla to make the milk taste better. If you're going to drink it, serving it ICE cold, is best. When I use non-fat milk, I tend to re-constitute the milk with a bit extra milk powder.

Different brands re-constitute into different quantities. When doing a cost comparison, check the label to make sure the box will make the quantity you want. Even different boxes of Carnation make different amounts - even on boxes that are the same size!

To switch your family over to drink powdered milk, mix it 50/50 with the store bought milk you already have in the frig. Gradually increase the amount of powdered milk they drink and they'll not notice a difference after a while.

You can make all sorts of things with powdered milk - not just liquid milk. For instance, you can use powdered milk to make your own Cool-Whip type of topping. You can even make cheese with powdered milk!
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I like to use powdered milk to make my own pudding mixes. I have noticed though that it seems to be a bit sweeter than regular milk so I am using less sugar now than the recipe asks for.
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cheese????? How does this work my little one loves cheese. let me know pleassseeee
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We order ours offline and it comes in big #10 cans that are well sealed for storage long term (5 years) if you like. Thus we order by the case as it is a little cheaper and we know we wont have any problems with bugs or spoilage. One can makes 6 gallons and we only use it to cook with. Right now they are having a 10% off your order sale and the cost per gallon with a case is $1.59. Which I think is great. We live in an area where 1 gas station puts it on sale 1 time per month for 3 days at $2.49 otherwise we pay 3.79 on average.

We do not drink the powered milk but use it for Mac & Cheese, pancakes, waffles, breads, muffins you name it. The breads and other foods all taste the same and for the longest time noone in the family even knew we made a switch. That is until husband signed for the delivery one day and opened the box. But he was ok. The company we order from is great and has a flat rate shipping on all orders regardless of size of $4.49 to all US states. THey are fast and offer great products!
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For cheese (and yogurt) making recipes with powdered milk, try this website ...

Cheese Recipes
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I use powdered milk for cooking and baking. I don't think it is much cheaper, but it stretches out my fresh milk anyway. I really miss my UHT milk that I bought when we lived overseas. Has anyone seen anything like this in the states? It is a milk that can be stored on the shelf.
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