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Is a membership to Sam's Club worth it?

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There is a Sam's Club about 45 minutes from my house. I've always contemplated getting a membership there but am not sure we'd use it enough for it to be worth it. We have a Hy-Vee, SuperWalMart, Aldis, and Fareway in a town 5 miles from me. Does anyone use Sam's Club for their grocery needs?
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It's okay. Sams is great at convincing you that you need 500 q-tips when you really need 50. A membership has several spots, see if you can share a membership with a friend or neighbor to split the cost.

Aldi's is more my speed because we have a small family and it is near my house.
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I wouldn't drive 45 minutes to a Sam's Club...but that's me. We let our Sam's membership lapse just because we just weren't close to one anymore and I was using BJ's a lot more often.

If you're considering any club, whether it be Sam's/BJ's/Costco, you just need to figure out if it's going to be a savings for you. Depends on what you buy, if you want brand specific things...and you have to know what you pay elsewhere.

I know for me, the detergent I buy is cheaper at Target than at BJ's or Costco. Dishwashing tabs, milk, eggs and meat are often cheaper for me at BJ's or Costco. I really like the fresh produce at Costco but it often comes in large amts. I often go in on things with my MIL and Sister, so it works out really well for me. I can buy a bag of 6 red peppers for cheaper than it would be in the grocery store and then split it with my sister, making it even cheaper. So that really works for me.

You can get a pass into any of the clubs to see what they carry, check prices etc

Luckily, we get all our club memberships thru Dh's work at a discount.
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I personally value my Sam's membership a lot. I just bought new lenses for my old glasses frames at 1/2 the price of the other places near me, and I shopped around so I know what I'm saying here. On contact lenses alone I have paid for my membership. For me, a major benefit is being able to buy large quantities. I just opened my new box of laundry detergent. The old one was opened on 8/26/07. That's 6 months I didn't have to buy detergent. That's just one example. One of my DS is disabled and it is hard to get around with him. I like to do a big shop at Sam's and then just have quick "in and out" trips to pick up the other things. It is so convenient for me.
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I actually find Sam's Club to have better prices and quality of produce. For instance, 5 large portbello mushrooms are 4.00 vs 8.00 for 3 small portebllos at Shop Rite. (These are NJ prices if that matters.) We also buy our ground beef at Sam's. My DH foodsavers them into dinner size portions. It is about a dollar less a pound for the 92% lean cut. Things I also find better price, even if it is a larger quanity,in dog food, lemon juice, croutons, salsa, bread, charcoal for my DH, string cheese, pepperoni, kielbabsa, even the children's book. We also like to entertain oftern with large parties, so we do use the party type items like cakes, etc.
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Our nearest Sam's Club is also 45 min away. That's an hour an a half of driving just to use your membership where you have to pay them to shop in their store. You'd have to be making many large needed purchases (like for a small business) to even make up your membership costs, not even to mention the cost of the gas to get there. I don't have a membership. I've been with someone else. Fun to see a couple of times, but not worth the expense, time, and gas IMHO (in my humble opinion).
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We have had a Sam's club membership for years. We actually tried living without it for a few years and it was miserable. I like many of their items. I think it is at least worth one trip to see if you would really use it or not. Call up your local Sam's and ask them about their day passes that they have.
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It is for me. Even when we had to drive an hour it was worth it (now we only have to drive half an hour) I go once a month and stock up. It depends on your shopping habits and the size of your family. I would go visit one and check out the products and prices then make a decision.
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I think it's worth it - The milk(at least at my store) is 50 cents less than anywhere else. I do in home daycare and go thru about 3 gallons a week. Prices are reasonable IMO. I don't buy everything there as some of it is cheaper elsewhere but some of the things I buy there often for daycare are - huge bags of Mozz and Cheddar cheese(for cassaroles), chicken nuggets, LARGE cans of fruit, bananas, Corn dogs, Meatballs, dishwasher detergent, kleenex, milk, yogurt, and applesauce. I go thru so much of that stuff - it's worth it for me. Plus they usually have good deals on stuff not on my list.
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Our nearest Sam's Club is 2 1/2 hours away. I do have a membership, but don't use it all that often. I originally got one when I was taking my sister to therapy after her brain injury. We were going once a week so it paid off. Then we discontinued therapy and I never renewed. Well we go back to her doctor every three months and so I renewed it again this summer thinking that every three months I would be using it and then my dh works downstate and could use his often. Well only 3 visits for me this past year. But when I did go I really stocked up. I probably will renew mine again when the time comes with the hopes that we will be living near there for the summer months. But I think next time I will ask my mom and sister if they want to contribute to the renewal fee because they use mine when we go there and the chance of them using one without me is very slim.
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