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I just recently got a membership for Sams club. I find that you have to know your prices. I too went in with my pricebook and looked at the cost compared to the comissary (were military so that's where I shop since there's no super wal-mart here). I found that most of the things I make from scratch were a bargain including flour, yeast, sugar, oil, etc. The cost of meat was more than the comissary except on whole chickens which were quite a bit cheaper (about $2 cheaper per chicken). My husband loves gatorade and had been buying it at the gas station (Can anyone say Expensive!! ) so I bought a case of gatorade and it has lasted over a month so that was a big savings. Next time though I will probably buy the gatorade powder and just refill the bottles. I found that the canned peaches and applesauce were also great bargains and both can be used to cook with, eat as a snack or lunch item or even freeze. So I did find that it was worth it to me, but I really researched and took my time to compare. Also, I am not one to give into unplanned purchases unless it is a grocery item that I know we will use up, so books, clothes, furniture doesn't end up in my cart.
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We have a Sam's here in town and to me its a great place to shop and they can have great deals, however what if like the previous poster said you only need 50 qtips, do you really wanna spend an extra $10 to buy 500? In the long run it helps out but what if yoru on a budget, now they do have really good quality of meat & produce at least in my opinion, and you can get great deals around the holidays like on toys & such...but I dont know that its worth the cost they charge for a membership, espeically driving 45 miles...good luck whatevr you choose.
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We love Sam's club. We have a super walmart, hyvee and econofoods in our town. We also have to drive 45 miles to Sam's club, but it's a town we go to at least once a month and we don't have to plan a special trip there just to go shopping at sams. I know that Sam's and walmart are "related" but I have never had good luck with the produce at Walmart. Our Sam's club always has GREAT produce!

I have made a huge price sheet that compares prices to all the grocery stores and sams that I have access to. Sam's does have a lot of good prices on certain things. We buy a lot of our cleaning supplies, paper products and food there. The prices on groceries there are usually quite good, but you have to check prices before you buy, because there are a few things that aren't cheapest there...not much, but a few. We have had a Sam's membership for over two years now and we track how much we spend each year on groceries, cleaning supplies, paper goods and everything. Since having our membership, we've saved quite a bit each year. Over the past few months I've actually started doing "once a month" shopping. I buy all that we need for the month. I buy enough milk to last about two weeks (I get the furthest expiration date that I can) and that way I only need to make a quick run to the store for milk and some fresh fruits later in the month after we've run out of the fresh stuff.

Over all, we do save A LOT of money at sam's club. Some people say that it's not worth it for them, but I think it's all about what your families needs are and if you have the space to store some extra things. We have a pantry and large freezer that makes it possible for us to buy in large quantities. We've never had a problem using all of our sam's purcheses before they get old or go bad.
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You can not beat Sam's on the over the counter drugs example Muxsinex 60 tablets for $22.95 there and 20 tabs anywhere from $9.99 to 15.99. That is huge whenyou take 4 tablets a day. I find may vitamens and other stuff much cheaper. You have to know your prices and be willing to use the produce within 2 weeks and it is fine. I always put paper towels in the broccoli & lettuce, peppers to help them last. I also plan meals using that stuff around my shop date.
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My sister and I shared a Sams membership for a number of years (a gift from our mom). Once I quit working and the food budget became really tight, it became harder to buy in bulk. I couldn't justify purchasing 12 cans of fruit, when I needed a ton of other things. I have an Aldi nearby and it's been a lifesaver!
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Oh, I love my Sam's Club membership! I get groceries (both non-perishable and perishable) there, as well as many non-food items. Their generic brand products (trash bags, etc.) are good. It's right nearby me, so the cost of gas is not an issue. Before signing up for a membership, I asked to go in there and look around to see if they have the sort of things I usually buy. I brought a notebook and jotted down prices on everything from namebrand TP to eggs to shampoo. A lot of Sam's Club stuff is packaged in, say, the same size cans that you would normally buy, only you purchase a big pack of cans at once. So it's not like you have to open a vat of tomato sauce and then figure out how to use it all at once. I'm choosy about what I buy, though-- we need to be able to use the item up in a reasonable amount of time.

Some of Sam's Club's perishable foods last longer than the grocery store's food. For example, their eggs have an expiration date that's weeks away (their eggs come as two pack of 18 each). You can buy light bulbs, pet food, all sorts of practical stuff. Our Sam's Club has gas pumps, and if you have a membership card you get a discount, it ends up being some of the cheapest gas in town.

I've heard really good things about their tires, too.

I **LOVE** my Sam's Club membership! We save SO much money!
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We only make it there once every month or every other month. My husband seems to find a lot of clothes there, which makes it worthwhile for us.
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I don't think Sam's Club is worth a 45 minutes drive, unless you have to drive that far to shop anyway. I do like buying gas at Sam's Club. Costco gas doesn't seem to be a good deal for me, since I can't use my credit card and get points, but I can use my MasterCard at Sam's Club.

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