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Wichita has lots of fun things to do. I am about an hour away so we go there when we want to have fun a lot. If you have a zoo membership to another zoo, be sure to bring it and you should be able to get in 1/2 price at the Wichita Zoo - great new Gorilla exhibit I haven't got to see yet. Plan on at least 2-3 hours for Exploration Place including the dinosaur exhibit your sons should enjoy. They have a fun park that's just right next door too.

My son and I enjoy going to the Crown Uptown Dinner Theater. They have one of the biggest children's theater programs in the country. They do adult shows in the evenings and kids shows on Fri & Sat for lunch with kids food - chicken nuggets, hot dogs, etc. We saw the Tortoise and the Hare last month. I've taken my DS since he was about 3 and we go a couple times a year at least.

There are also some fun places like All-Star Sports for mini-golf, go carts, etc.

Just a plug here - if your coming all the way to Wichita, you really should just come over to Hutchinson. The Kansas State Fair runs through Sun the 17th and has tons of great stuff for families. See all the animals, eat great food, ride some rides, listen to some music, Hope you enjoy your time in our great state!
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We visited Kansas last month and had a blast in Hutchinson. We only passed through Wichita, but I did live there for a little while when I was little, so I kind of wanted to see other areas. Fun times, fun times.
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You silly girl! I didn't know that you were planning on coming to Wichita anyway this weekend. Our families should definitely get together and have dinner somewhere! Give me a call! I don't know what we have going on Saturday, but maybe/hopefully we can work something out I'm sure. I'd love to finally meet you
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Dh came home last night saying the realtor called him and would like for us to come down and meet with her in OKC to sign some paper work before she gets heavily involved with our house unfortunately we will not be going to Wichita this weekend afterall

HOWEVER, my parents are coming into town in two weeks and I plan on taking them up there. They are Canadian and have NEVER seen the midwest so we plan on giving them a grand tour. I will contact you Kansas mommies again when we finalize a date. It will be a day trip during the week....and we'll probably hit up the Cow thing (we are dairy farmers afterall and like Lisa I am the BIGGEST cow person ever!!!) and maybe the zoo...or one or the other

Thanks again for your input

ERIN: I will come up to see you in a moments' notice if you need me or if you want to get together...just give me a call!!!
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Yay, my sick baby has been fixed! So, I would for sure get out for lunch or something if invited. I don't think I would go to Cow Town or the Zoo with an infant, but do let me know what you guys end up planning.
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