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buying and selling gently used kids clothes

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hi, I'm new to this site, I was wandering if anyone knew of any good websites that you can sell and buy gently used baby and kids clothes? I've tried Ebay but the fees are expensive and I don't like the non payers and negative things from Ebay. I'm on a budget and like to buy gently used kids clothes for my kids and my daycare. Please let me know if you have any ideas! Thanks!
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Have you tried any of the twice yearly consignment sales. Not sure if you area has them. But you can get some great clothes, gear, and items for very cheap. Try the website and see if there is a sale in your area. Or try google.. put children's consignment sales and your city and state.

FYI- i got a brand new jumparoo still in the box at one sale for $10.00. And new unopened diapers for $1.00- They were pampers.

Check it out and good luck.

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unfortunately here in Nebraska where I live their is no consignment shops near by. The closest is more than 100 miles away. hmmm..... I really wish there was though!
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Have you considered Craigslist? Craigslist is very popular where I live, and you can always score some great deals on clothing. I bought over 100 maternity clothes for $60 dollars! Many of them were in great condition, and some were just plain tshirts. You don't have any fees associated with craigslist.

Also, you may want to consider garage sales in the summer. You can stock up on clothes for very cheap! I bought way too many for my son over the summer and usually paid around 50 cents/item, some I spend up to $2.00 for name brand outfits, but all in all, a good deal!

As for selling, I'm not much help! I've only been buying lately!
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Don't forget about eBay. We have an online auctions forum here at Mommysavers if you need some help getting started. Feel free to ask anything, believe me nothing is a stupid question.
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Have you looked into Kizzoddle?
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what is kazzoodle?
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I have seen some really good deals on there.
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I don't know if you have one in your area, but Once Upon a Child is a good place to buy and sell gently used kids clothes. I like to sell on ebay, but not buy.
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not sure if there are any near you- but here are some nebraska resources for kids resale..

elkhorn twice yearly consignment- these are HUGE sales where tons of people get together to sell thier stuff- usualyl held in a big building like a school gym.
Munchkin Junction - Best Kids Semi-Annual Consignment Sale Serving Elkhorn & West Omaha

one in Kearney-
Bumblebees & Ladybugs Semi Annual Children's Consignment Sale

ReRuns R Fun - The Largest Children's Consignment Sale In America

Neat Repeatz

Once Upon A Child
14120 Arbor Street Omaha, NE
The Children's Attic
5072 S 108th Street Omaha, NE
Omaha convention center-
Ava Bella

To Maternity & Beyond Inc
(402) 551-1039
6015 Maple St Omaha, NE 68104-4103

interesting site- I've never used it, but sounds like the kidszoodle one mentioned.
Discount Baby Stuff, Toys and Maternity Clothes By Baby Bargains USA

Hope there's something close to you!
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