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Free Photo calendar

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I borrowed this from SD. I didn't see it posted. Sorry if it is a repost.

Courtesy of Snausages Dog Snacks
Looks like this is gonna be a year of the dog, family and friends with a little treat from Snausages® dog snacks and Shutterfly — a personalized 12-month photo calendar. Here's how it works:
1. Register here with UPC codes from TWO DIFFERENT Snausages® products.
2. We'll send you an email with your Shutterfly promotion code.
3. Sign up or sign in at Shutterfly, enter your code and create your calendar!

Here are your UPC Codes to enter:
07910012190 & 03000002950

Use Shutterfly Free Shipping w/ $10 purchase Code : 13AF-SHIP

It will be completely FREE!!!

Thanks everyone and Thanks SD for this great post. It worked for me so hopefully the rest of you will not have any trouble!

I already did mine, very easy, use all the codes here.. I cant wait till it come's!!
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That was so nice of you to also give us codes to use to make it free and the upc's. Thank you so mcuh for taking the time to make it easy for us.

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Thanks! I used my regular ISP address and my hotmail address...guess what the grandparents are getting for Christmas!
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Thanks so much for posting this one and for the UPCs!
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Has anyone tried to do this? I stayed up last night trying to do the calendar but it said all of my pictures were too low resolution, I've had these pictures developed at other sites and it's worked fine, hmmmm
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You are my hero!
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Awesome!!! It Worked For Me!
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I tried to click on the link now and now it isn't working. Hmm. Interesting.
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I've been trying for 10 minutes and it isn't working for me either.

Ok....update.....I just got through. It worked. I used both our home and my personal e-mail addresses. Thanks so much for this. That was so very nice of you. Thanks bunches.....these are gonna be great gifts.
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Thanks so much for this one! I'm making one for my Grandmother's Birthday...she is going to love it! Thanks again...this is a great offer!
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