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This is great! Thank you - its one I really hope comes through!!
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Awsome worked fine for me. This will be a great present for the grandparents!
Thanks for sharing!
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Now it is telling me an error occured! I have had more trouble trying to get this done! UUUGGGHHH!!!!!
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I just ordered mine and it worked.
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Giving it a try. Hope it works. Thanks
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Worked for me!!! Thanks!!!
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Thank you for this!

Someone is getting a calendar for the holidays! I can't decide who...
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I for some reason can not get the free shipping code to work. Every time I try it says error or that the total is $7-something for shipping. I know it's free shipping on orders over $10, but my calendar comes up $9.99 then it says free after it. Any suggestions? TIA
And thank you so much for the codes and the link. I'm trying to get this done today for my dad's b-day (Oct 9) and it said it should arrive on or before Oct 3, that is until I got the error.
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Is everyone else having to use a credit card even though you dont owe anything? Just wanted to check before I put all my info in TIA.
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I finally did something to get it to a 0.00 balance that I owed but it still wouldn't take it until I added my cc info, that's when I got the error occurred message. I e-mailed them and am still waiting for a response. It keeps telling me I have 10 free prints to order but even ordering those for free and paying just shipping it doesn't bring me up past $10.
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