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I'll be back
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Are you asking if I play games and challenges at my real life crops?

When I host retreats... we do play games. No challenges. At my monthly crops.. we dont play games or challenges.
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Yes real life....
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hey I am now at m y dd's house.
DHS came to my housetoday--see my post in
Familys section. I have access o the computer but all my scrap stuff is at home. I am just sick! I don't know what to do. Just pray. Maybe I will get my stuff tomorrow. I got 3 done but just 1 posted before I left.
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Evening ladies Well I got a few hours in tonight and will more then likely do most of my cropping on Saturday, I have a RL crop with a bunch of newbie scrappers. It should be fun. Well calling it a night I have my other passion to attend to. Its Weekly knitting group night!

Should be back either tomorrow morning or afternoon for a few more pages and maybe even get in on the 2nd round of bingo.

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Dont forget the game coming up here in a few minutes! 9PM CST!
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I just haven't been able to get anything started. We had some people come and see how my dh was and they just left. Maybe I can get something started now. I was trying to post on and off when I could but things are very slow when it comes to getting on. Is it my pc or are others having trouble as well?
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Mine's been kinda slow off and on all day, Janie.

For someone who wasn't very motivated this morning, I've gotten quite a few pages done. I'm starting page #7!
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I'm off for the night ladies!!! I will see yall around lunchtime tomorrow!!!!!!! Happy cropping!
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I probably won't be on much tomorrow. I accomplished ALOT today though. Seven pages and I completed my cousin's little girl's book. Will check back in whenever I get a chance tomorrow.

Great work everyone!
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