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Playtex replacement parts

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I may be the only one that didn't know this, but you can buy replacement sippy cup lids at the following site:

Last time I called playtex, they said you couldn't purchase replacments, but I thought I'd call again and they sent me to this site. I haven't ordered yet, but I thought I would pass it on.
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I didn't have to buy it. When I was looking for replacement lids for my sons sippy cups. I called playtex to find out if they sell the lids at a store near me, and they said no, not the lids, but they sell the valves. And I'm like my kids don't chew on the valve that's inside, they chew on the actual lid, and I was disaappointed that they don't sell the lids. Well guess what? Then the guy asked my how many sippy cups I had, and I said 3 of them, he said, he can mail me 3 lids, but they're all blue, and I'm like I don't have a problem with that. I got 3 lids for FREE.
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You go Girl. The person I spoke to earlier in the year wasn't so generous!
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  • Mommysavers Goddess:  same here !! pleasantly supprised !!
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Where can you get replacement playtex bottle caps , my mom lost my babys bottle lid. 

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I have been trying to find replacement bottle caps for Playtex Ventaire and I cannot find any, if you happen to find some please post it and I will do the same if I find any.

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