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Anyone else never had a vacation?

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I don't think I've ever really done anything that qualifies as vacation. I mean, growing up every summer that my grandpa was alive we visited my grandparents (they had a pool ) After that my grandma moved and we saw her a little less.

Other than that, my family never really did anything. I think a different summer we drove to Michigan to visit my mom's side of the family. I just don't really view that as a vacation though.

And really... that's it. Other than seeing family for Christmas.

What's a vacation like?
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Vacations rock. I had an older friend tell me once at his retirement party that he and his wife made sure to go on vacation every year - even in the tight years - they figured it would balance out when they made more money.

When we were younger, we just did long weekends a couple times a year - 3-5 hours away by car. Stay at a pretty B&B and do whatever activities were in the area. Since then, we've been able to do some all inclusive resort trips to Mexico, a few tours in Europe, USA vacations like Grand Canyan, Vegas.

This year we're doing small ones again. Going to Niagara Falls w/ a group of friends for a wine-tasting weekend, going to Maryland for 5 days to visit my uncle & cousin, going to Colorado for a week to visit friends (we stay w/ them so it cuts costs).

Edited to add: We never went on family trips growing up, so it is very important to me to go away a few times a year as an adult.

They allow me to get a break from work, from real life, from stress. Gives me time w/ my DH to reconnect and enjoy some down time from life. They are all different. Some are very active and some are very relaxing. Some are city trips (Chicago, Vegas) others are country (hiking a canyon in Utah). One thing for sure: they are always worth every dime paid.
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I never went on a vacation as a child.

I think I'm odd because I've only been on a handful of vacations. I went to Disney twice (in my twenties). We took a snow ski trip to Canada. Before the girls were born we went to Lake Gaston, NC and camped.

This year our big trip will be to attend my SIL's wedding in Vermont. However, I don't think it will be much of a vacation.
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My dh and I used to go to Toronto for long weekends before we were married, but since, we haven't gone anywhere and we've been married for 12 years. I did go to FL once in high school with my boy friends parents, that was fun.

I'd like to go on a little trip this year, somewhere driveable. The boys have been asking and I think they should know what it's like to get away for awhile.

BTW: Calimari, Niagara Falls is only about 40 minutes from me. Let me know when you'll be in the area, maybe my dh will be playing w/ his band somewhere close and we could meet for a drink
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We've always gone on vacation...even growing up, we spent our summers at the beach. We went to same place, got the same house etc I have such wonderful memories of our summers when we were small. My Dad would spend a few weeks with us and then he'd come for the weekends.

Dh and I are not super consistent about our trips. Some years we could go on 3 - two week trips. And then some years, we don't do anything but long weekend trips. It really just depends on what we want to do, where we want to go etc Dh has a lot of vacation time, which is great, it's just getting him to take it, that's the problem! Dh is an AWESOME trip planner. I swear he was a travel agent in a past life. LOL

Sometimes we like to go someplace familiar and other times we want to check out something new. We LOVE to travel! Dh and I even go on vacations...without the kids.
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We never took any vacations as a child. The only thing I remember is....and this is no time we loaded the 5 of us and my 2 grandparents (and there may have even been a few more people thrown in) and drove around like a bat out of he** for one day and went to "Rock City" and "lookout mountain" and a few other stops. We were all crammed into the car, drove, got out, looked, crammed back in and went on. But I do remember it since it was our only "vacation".

Now we DO take vacations. Sometimes, we've taken a wk to go to the beach in FL or MI, or to the museums of Washington DC or Colonial Williamsburg. Sometimes they're just 3-5 day long wknds to Chicago or St. Louis, etc. Just depends on how much time we have and what we want to do.
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As a child our vacations were always spent camping. I have fond memories of that! I am hoping now that my kids are getting older we can take them camping this year too. Otherwise in my adult life the only times I have ever been away have always involved going to a wedding.
I need a vacation!
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i have never been on a vacation since ive been married. (10 yrs) and we didnt have a honeymoon either.

and yes, i am kicking myself
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Ours have usually been "working vacations". Like 8 years ago, DH got hired to work at a conference in Colorado. Dh got paid and I went along and "worked" but only got my way paid. So we stayed a couple of extra days to sitesee. Or this past April, Dh's work wanted him to go a HUGE conference in Vegas (so he got flight, food and hotel covered) and we went a couple of days early saw Cirque de Soleil.

Well, there was the time that we went with the kids to see my sister and her dh in Atlanta. Ds puked on the way and in a restaurant. We stayed at my sister's and had their 2 huge dogs all over us the whole time. Literally - they shed like crazy - we'd go take a shower and then dry off and the dog's hair was embedded in the towels.... GROSS
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We never vacationed when I was a kid, but I make SURE
to vacation now!! You MUST get away from everything
for some period of time!! It's so great!!
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