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Tuition costs for Montessori preschool?

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Does anyone know approximately how much Montessori preschool costs for a 2 day/week half day program?

I am scouting out all the different possibilities for my boys as I think my oldest will be bored in a public school preschool.

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You really need to call around your area. This is something that is so different depending on where you live.
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My daughter is 3 1/2. Our school only has a five day a week option, they feel it is better for consistency. She goes 3 hours a day and tuition is 425.00 per month. Full day (which is 8:30-2:30) is 567.00 ( I know a strange amount but I just called to check the other day). Snacks are included, but not lunch. You have to bring daily because they don't have a cafeteria. But on Thursday the order pizza from Dominos.
By the way we are central florida.
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I just wanted to add this is our third preschool. Definitly the most expensive, and definitly the BEST. At this point we plan on sending both of our kids through the 6th grade. I personally don't think you can beat the Montessori curriculum, ESP for our child. Her brother will start this fall, and I can't wait!
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Most "true" montessori schools are everyday. After that it varies widely. So many schools call themselves montessori but are just more that than play-based. We have a montessori-based preschool in our town that is $115 for two morning a week.
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I agree with Happymom, it greatly varies.

My daughter's Montessori preschool is in Maryland and is $140 for 2 mornings a week.
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My son goes two mornings a week and it's $185/month. That is really really low in this area though. For three days it will go up to $225/month. I looked into another Montessori school for two days a week and it was over $300/month. Soooooooo it can depend on the actual school too.
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Our two day a week half day Montesorri school is $115. I just moved my dd up to full days which makes it $165, but I think it really depends on where you are in the country.
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I'd expect to pay around $2,000 - $3,000 depending on where you are and if it's a true Montessori school or a Montessori-style school.

We pay $6,000 for ds, he is in K, next year it will be around $7,000 which to me isn't too bad since the other comparable one in our area is around $10,000 yearly.
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