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Walmart VS Target

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If you had to choose, which would it be and why?
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If I go for price, Walmart. If I go for a more peaceful shopping experience, Target. They both have their good and bad points. I don't think I could go without either.
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Well I would prefer to choose Target ~ I have shopped at Target almost all my life. However, now, since Target is 25+ miles away and WalMart is 7 miles I choose WalMart.

Kinda sad though ~ there's nothing like the smell of a Target as you just walk in - Mmmmmmmm
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I like Target. I like the store better, they are cleaner, more well stocked and the employees MUCH nicer than the WalMart stores near me. Don't even get me started on the people shopping that always seem to be at the WalMarts near me. I don't find the thing I buy at Target are more expensive than WalMart. I periodically do price comparisions and something may be 2 cents less at WalMart but then other things are 2 cents more, so it comes out even for me.
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def Target!! the walmart near us I am soo afraid Ill get shot!! there is the clientale that swear and are just gross!! I do not feel comfortable around that enviornment! they have even yelled across 3 isles to there kids!!

its just the whole environment I just do not feel safe about and do not like my kids hearing all the talk I hear when I go there!!
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I would have to say Target. Now if only mine sold meat and veggies , I'd probably only leave to go to Gymboree! I can't stand Walmart. I live in an upscale area, but our walmart is just as bad as if it were in some rundown area. It's dirty and I'm not crazy about the element it attracts or hires. Sorry to the walmart lovers.
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I love Target. I like that it is cleaner, neater, better envirionment, not so crazy, and the employees seem nicer. And I like being able to use both a Target and a manufacturer coupon on items. There are also the GREAT clearances that they have. At least, this is my experience with the Target & Wal*Mart in my town.
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I would have to say Walmart, even though I hate shopping there! The lines are always really long, and of course there are only 6 registers open at the time! But, for price, I have to go there. My weekly necessities there are about $5-$10 cheaper than anywhere else. I guess I just need to work on my meditation and breathing excercises before I go next time!
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I love both! I can't pick! I love WalMart's everyday prices but Target has great stuff for decorating and I find A LOT of stuff there on clearance! ~ Plus their kids clothes are way cuter and they are always marked down really low!

Okay... if I HAD to pick, I'd choose Target. Phew...
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I want to go to walmart for their prices, but DH is totally against it - so we go to Target/BRU.

I want a learning table for DD:
The prices in the 3 stores for the same product:
BabiesRUS - 44.99(planning to buy this with 15% off coupon)
Target - 45.89
Walmart - 29.88

Target is not always cheap......

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