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I'm hoping for blue because it will match my kitchen
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I am getting one too. :D Can't wait to get it. Don't know if I will give as a gift or keep for myself.
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I got the email that I'm getting one too!
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Yea! It's so fun to hear all the people who are getting one. I sent the info on to my mom. She and my dad drink coffee by the gallon, figured it might be nice. It's too bad they don't let you pick the color.
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Originally Posted by Alex's mommy View Post

You dont have to buy the pods for the machine, I have one of these machines that I got for $15.
Theres this special gadget you can use (I got mine from walmart, I think I found it by the coffee machines) well its made for this machine. You can just put your own canned coffee (or whatever you use) into this gadget and you dont have to buy the pods. It comes in a blue and yellow box if I can remember. Using this saves lots of money.

Thanks for the heads up about this gadget. I'll have to look for it when I got my coffee machine. Although, somebody said they have cappicino (sp?) pods. That sounds really good.
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woohoo.... got the email today...can't wait
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Got my machine today! FIl called it came in the mail and DS already ripped it open!
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I got mine today too, a white one. And boy was my ds excited when he saw the box, he thought he got a toy! He was also ticked that it was only the mail man that had rung the doorbell, he said he thought it was Pap Pap and that someone was here to play!
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Got was white too! What flavor pods did you all get? We got 4 bags of killarny...the irish cream flavor!
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Filled out the survey this morning and got an email back already that says because of the overwhelming response I'll be notified in 2-4 weeks if I'm eligible. We'll have to wait and see. I'd really like to give it to my hubby!
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