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JCPenney Clearance!

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I was in JCPenney yesterday and the cashiers said that all clearance was going to be marked down to $1.97, but couldn't say when. Yesterday there were about 6 racks of $1.97 and the rest of the clearance was $4.97. I got jeans for $4.97. In the store here, all of the clearance was in the women's/juniors sections.
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Thanks for the heads up! I'll have to check it out this Friday on my day off. I'm looking for some good deals!
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Thanks for the tip! I have been to jc penny in a while. I might end up going tom. becuase of the great deals!
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hmmmm....well I guess I just HAVE to check this out too!!

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thanks, will go check it out
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thanks they have the best pants for my tall skinny man.
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Hi! Went today(Sat) and my JcPenney had only 1 $1.97 rack which was basically women's turtlenecks. There were several $3.97 racks and I did find one shirt on there for $2.97.
I did find some socks and houseshoes on clearance. Clearance stuff goes fast. Hope everyone finds great deals like I did!
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Shoot! I hope I didn't miss it! Anybody know if they still have stuff left?
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I went to JC Penney's today and they were having great sales all over the store. I spent
$15.80 and I bought 5 shirts and a dress for an upcoming wedding. They were $2.95 each!

Check it out if you can. My Penney's had sale racks throughout the store.
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