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What is your feeling on Scholastic book flyers?

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Does your child bring home the flyers from Scholastic book clubs? If so how often do they come home (every month, etc)?

So far this year they have only come home once. I enjoy looking through them. I check them out from the library, and if we really like them I'll get them. I found a flyer at our church and asked her teacher at school if I could order through her. She said she doesn't send them home like she used to because she got tired of hearing from parent's that they didn't like the pressure to buy. I don't see any pressure...don't buy if you don't want to or can't afford it. My dd understands when I say no to something because we can't afford it. I love the $.95 books.

What's your feeling on the flyers? Do you feel pressure to buy either from your children or the school?
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We probably get them once a month...I don't feel pressured at all. I guess I don't understand why folks would feel pressured. *shrug* That's just not my personality, if I want something, I order it...if I don't, I just throw it out.
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The flyers are kind of like my love/hate thing with the Scholastic book fair. I'm love that the book fairs and flyers encourage reading, but I hate it when some of the flyers have expensive books combined with a cool toy or advertise video/Nintendo games. I really wish Scholastic would just stick to books. If I want to buy my dd toys or Nintendo games, I'll go to Wal-Mart.
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My kindergartener has only brought home two flyers all school year. One was right before Christmas and the other one was just last month. I did not buy from either one even though they had some really good deals. I encourage reading, but honestly my kids have thier own little library in their playroom. I think that they have about 100 books. So unless it is a special book, I do not buy them anymore. Plus between going to the dr/dentist/WIC office and the United way reading program, the boys get about three new books per month.
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We seem to get them every other month, sometimes I buy and sometimes I don't.
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We get them about quarterly. I think it takes to long to get the books, but I know that they teachers do receive points to get free books when I buy so I wil usually buy a couple books (especially the 95 cent ones!) to help the teacher out. Once in while we get really great books that the kids can't put down!
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We get them about every 6 weeks and have only bought from them once - it was a set of books we had considered getting DS for Christmas but didn't because they were so expensive. We could get them from Scholastic via the flyer almost half off so we got them.
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We get them every six weeks. I agree with the poster who said she didn't like that so many of them come with cheap toys or games now. I wish they would just stick to books too. The kids often put the pressure on to buy. I tell them, I'd be happy to split any books with them but anything that comes with a toy, necklace, bracelet, key chain, etc, they can use their allowance money to buy it.
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I dont have an issue at al! sometimes I get a book! (and if we just biught the girls one and they want one they have there own spending money!)

I think they have some book I deas I would never have known and I do like the 95cent ones as well!!
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Along with the other Numerous Requests For Money and Offerings of things For sale each Month

I take it all in stride and Sometimes we Buy , sometimes we Don't. With 4 kids and their Activities I can only do so Much. My Kids Get an order from The Scholastic Flyers about 3 times a Yr.
I always Add the 95 cent book as a Little surprise too.

Last Yr. Taylors Teacher would also Give us Notifications of Clearence online Scholastic sales , We Had to type in her name. That was nice though!!
Some teachers Hand out Book flyers Only every so often , some hand out 3 flyers a Month.
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