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14-Year-Old Raped On School Bus

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This is very upsetting to me. I don't understand why none of the other students tried to stop the assault or even told the bus driver it was happening. Also why if the girl is screaming for help and fighting back didn't the bus driver see or hear what was happening.
NewsChannel Nashville, Tennessee - Police: 14-Year-Old Raped On School Bus
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I saw this on the news last night and thought the very same thing. How in the world could the driver not hear something, especially if she was protesting. I wonder how many kids were in on this. The rapist must've had help to either subdue her or keep it blocked from the driver.
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I think it's a sad state when we're raising children that would sit by and watch a girl being raped. What was wrong with the other children? Why didn't any of them intervene? I'm just disgusted.
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Sick and cowardly.
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I used to teach at a large city high school, and I can imagine this same situation occurring. There were a lot of good things about that school, but I would NEVER send my kids there. Have you spent time at your kid's school?

We NEED character education in our schools - starting in elementary and continuing through high school. Kids aren't going to church and parents are just not doing it anymore. (A lot of parents could use character ed as well. Workplace training anyone?)
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I would never send my kids on a school bus in this day and age. Infact DH and I work opposite shifts so that our kids aren't in daycare and one of us drop off and pickup our older DD from school. I realize that this is not an option for some families and I really sympathize for those families. We live in such a cruel world that is becoming so self centered. We need to go back to everyone watches out for everybodies kids so that everyone can be safe.
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This makes me sick...I worry so much about my girls and about the statistics for sexual abuse/assault/rape...I am so scared they will fall into a bad sistuation. How horrible and that bus driver should be charged as well as the kids who raped her. Where can we send our kids and feel safe, especially after stuff like this, it would be very easy to loose your faith in society as a whole!
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How sad! What is going on in this world today. Kids doing nothing while another gets abused and raped? That is so horrible. Kids are supposed to be safe on the busses and at school. Are the parents not teaching these kids any morals?
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I stand by my position that the bus drivers need to concentrate on the road, not on the kids. An assistant or monitor is needed on each bus to control the population. If you've got a noisy bus, and kids that tease each other, I can see why he'd miss the sound - it's probably common. "No, stop it! Leave me alone!" is common for teasing. I'm not blaming her, because this is just wrong, but I can see how he'd miss it if he drove in traffic. What is disturbing is that nobody tried to stop him. I'm sure they saw something.

Haven't there been other things going on in that school/community? It doesn't seem all that big. Glad I don't have to live there!
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Wow, that poor girl. Another reason why I walk or drive my kids to and from school each day.
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