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Bzz Agent Oust Campaign Tier 1

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Hello! I just got offered the Oust campaign...I know the upper tiers got this the other day, but it was just offered to me. So, if you're a tier 1 you should go check your acount! I called one of my friends who is also a tire 1 and she didn't get it yet, so it might take a while to go trough!

Good luck ladies...this will be a good one!
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I got offered it a couple of days ago. I am also on tier 1.
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Wow, I'm glad you got it too! I saw some other people talking about it here and was thinking I wasn't going to get it because they always fill up so fast. I can't imagine anyone passing this one over. Who doesn't use Oust??? I use it all the time so this one is really easy for me to Bzz about.

I can't wait!!
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congrats on oust!!!! it said it was already full for me
also keep checking cause i just got the milk one today. and the trailmix one is launchin very soon!!
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I am a tier 1 and I just got the trail mix campaign. They must have just launched it.
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Ive been a tier 1 - forever!
as of today my participation score is 106. Quality Score of 10.7
It lowered a bit when I signed up for the 2 campaigns (Oust & Chilis).

At what time will I be a tier 2? whats the scores?
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I didn't click on my email link soon enough. Wah. The trailmix one doesn't show for me yet. Guess I better keep checking.
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for those on the Oust Campaign, did you receive your kit yet? I 've been waiting for 2 weeks and it hasn't come yet i want to bring up my score already lol
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Nope I haven't gotten mine yet but I did get the e-mail saying it was on it's way. I also got my trail mix e-mail but haven't gotten the kit yet
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I just made tier 2 this morning I'm so excited! I've been waiting what seems like forever!

the scores neded for a tier 2 are : Particpation score needs to be above 30 or above and your quality score needs to be 14 or above. If you click on the words "tier 1" under the "my info" header, it will tell you the scores needed for each tier. I have the particpation score I need for a tier 4, but the quality score is so hard to make go up!!

I'm in six campians right now, one of them being the Oust, but I haven't recieved my bzz kit yet. I keep thinking it should be coming any day now, but nothing yet
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