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How do you freeze milk?

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With the expansion of the liquid and the tiny space in the top of the jug, how does it work? I'm afraid that it's going to overflow. I buy gallons in plastic jugs, and would like to stock up when there's a good deal (also to be able to go to the store less often, as this is the main reason for in-between-list visits).

Do you pour some of it out to make room for the expansion and prevent leaking, or just stick it in the deep freeze? Thanks in advance for your help!
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If it is a plastice jug I have just stuck them in the deep freeze and they do expand but they don't bust. You will need to know that the milk changes colors if it is full fat and you will have to shake it alot but it is ok and can be used. I use them for chocolate milk and cooking.
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I use skim, and dh drinks 1%. Will eith of those change color? Skim shouldn't have any fat in it, and 1% very little, of course. Is it just the fat that does it?

I'm so afraid of the jug bursting!
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I've frozen the plastic jugs in the past -- the indented sections on the sides will sometimes pop out, but they've never burst. I haven't noticed the milk changing colors, and I usually use 2%. It does de-homogenize the milk so the fat separates, but it mixes back in with some shaking. I usually forget and have richer milk for a couple of glasses and skim milk towards the bottom.
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I've always heard that its best to pour out a little bit before you freeze to reduce bursting.
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Originally Posted by Oooitsonsale View Post

I've always heard that its best to pour out a little bit before you freeze to reduce bursting.

I have heard that too, but am leary of breaking the seal on the carton, before freezing I usually buy mine in bags, and it has enough room for expansion in it when I freeze it
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I pour out a little from each jug into a pitcher to use and then freeze. Nothing happens to the milk once the seal is broken. It works fine and tastes fine. I have had the jugs(gallon size)burst before, but not the half gallon jugs.
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I freeze nonfat milk. I pour a little out into the open jug in the fridge and then freeze the other jug. I've never noticed any change in color and haven't had any problems.
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Okay, I tried it, and here's how it went:

I froze one gallon of skim and one gallon of 1%. I took them out a few days ago, and they still haven't thawed. Actually, the 1% MIGHT be thawed all the way, but definitely not the skim. I've even let them sit out for some time during the day. It's taking FOREVER! I think it would take just as long to thaw one gallon as it does to drink one gallon around our house!

The 1% gallon didn't break, but the seem along the inside of the skim's handle broke open. It didn't cause a mess in our freezer, but as it thaws it leaks out, so I've had to keep it in a pan.

So, maybe next time I'll try pouring a little out before freezing it, IF there will be a next time.
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we have done this for 15 years with no problems.We have never had a jug burst.This is th only way i'll buy milk ,is if it is marked down,then we buy several and freeze them.When we defrost we just make sure to shake it
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