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Greeting Card Merchandiser?

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Anyone here do this?

I found a listing on Craigslist, emailed and got a reply already. It's for American Greetings, in the RiteAid in the town near here (3 miles from me).

I want a job that's flexible, and low hours - mainly for some extra grocery money and what not. I have the little one, and I don't really want to work full time now until she's in school.

From what I've googled, I can totally do this - organized the racks, set up card for holidays and tear down, and order. I used to do my own inventory and ordering for lab supplies in my "old" life as a lab technician already. I like putting the card in order on the racks anyway - I'm a nerd like that.

I'm going to reply to the person shortly, but was wondering if anyone had experience with this.

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My mom, aunt, sister, grandma, and two close friends of ours are AG Reps. They LOVE it. Totally flexible, low hours. You do have to work the day after all major holidays to strip the previous holiday and put the next one up. Very calming work you can do at your own pace. I've been considering starting around here, as my mom said there are a couple openings. It's pretty decent pay too - more than minimum wage! Can't beat that for working with inanimate objects that don't talk back! pm me if you have any questions - I can call my mom real quick and get the answers for you....
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I've known people to do it and they liked it as well. It is very flexible and very part time by my understanding.
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I've known people who have done it too. I'd love to do it but I never see anything in my area
What section of craigslist was it posted in?
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I found it in the part time section - at the very bottom of the jobs section. Usually it's a ton of scam stuff in there, but sprinkled through are "real" jobs!
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I know people who do it and love it, in fact one person even gets mileage $$ plus his hourly rate. From what I have heard, it can be hard to get into beause it is so flexible and mom-friendly hours. The one negative I have heard is learning your way around the territory can be tricky - depends on where you are I guess! Good luck!
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I worked for Hallmark. I worked the cards, wrap, gift bags, and party supplies.

It is a fun job, but can be very demanding. I only had 1 account, Walmart. I worked anywhere from 15-40+ hours a week depending on the "holiday" that was near. I don't know about AG, but we had manditory days. Meaning that I had to work every day for a set number of days (usually 2 weeks before a major holiday - Christmas/Valentines). I also had to work either Sat or Sun every week.

Even though it is flexible, HM wanted me to work before 4 pm and sometimes that just wasn't what worked for my family. There were times when I didn't have care for my kids during the day while they were out of school. I refused to pay more for daycare than I made working. I ended up quitting because it was a bigger hassle than it was worth trying to find someone to watch my kids.

I did enjoy the job though. I love cards and it was fun to see the new ones that came in I wasn't late sending birthday cards to family!!

If you want to find more of these type of jobs there is a website that has all different kinds of merchandising jobs. The website is
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I have been a merchandiser for Hallmark on and off (mostly on) for 19 years. I LOVED it up until our last move, when the only position available in the area was at Walmart. Because of the volume of sales in a Walmart they are much more strict about mandatory days and times, and so many companies are competing for floor space that sometimes you really have to fight just to get your product on display. I finally had to leave that position, but I am hoping a different account comes up soon.

That being said, the first 18 years I worked in drug stores, book stores, and department stores and it was very flexible and fun. If the only account you are going to have is one Rite Aid, don't count on much money - most small stores are only a few hours a week - I actually got a little stressed with some of my smaller accounts because I am a little bit of a perfectionist and it just isn't possible to keep a department looking really good when you are there for 2-3 hours a week. The only other downside is working the day before and after every major holiday - I was fortunate in our last town to have accounts that were really flexible about that, but that is unusual. Most of the stores want the stuff taken down ASAP.

For those of you who are interested in looking for these jobs - Hallmark advertises on and American Greetings used to advertise their open positions at, but I don't know if they still do.
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I have an interview next week! YAY!!
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I got offered a jewelry merchandising position at our Dollar General--the supervisor knew me from my time at walmart--and it would have been a nice opportunity, except...I don't want to work. I don't think I would want to do merchandising at a large store, though.
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