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I've gotten a lot of thank you's as well, besides Tyson.
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Dr Pepper emailed me and said thanks but unfortunatley they don't send out coupons, then about a week and a half later I got a coupon for a free 12 pk. Maybe you guys will get something.
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I'll be looking, that would be really nice!

Today I got 2 coupons from Michelinas for free frozen dinners. That to me is awesome because they are so easy to take to work for lunch! ~ And for being so cheap, they actually taste good!
I'll keep writing, it pays off!
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man you are lucky. i wrote a bunch of companies that i use regularly. all of them said thank you for your support & check your local papers for coupons.
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i've been searching for this thread lol! I was so excited the other day I had to post here and couldn't find it any way here are my finds!

Ziplock sent me 2 FREE coupons for bags up to $3 each and 1 for FREE containers.
Sarah Lee and Jimmy Dean sent 2 coupons for Free frozen products
Starbucks sent me 3 coupons for any drinks FREE! (by far my favorite!)
Pull Ups sent 1 coupon for free pull ups jumbo size.

lesson learned from here.... COMPLIMENT, COMPLIMENT, COMPLIMENT.

I dont like to complain often but I did have a big problem with my cell phone that is only 6 months old so after trying to get a new one under warranty and being refused I wrote a letter to Sprint using and they sent me a brand new phone that just came out on the market!!! I got the LG Rumor absolutely free!!!!
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