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Easter baskets

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Pardon me if this has been discussed recently, I am not on too much lately.
What are your putting in Easter baskets this year, other than candy. I think I am only putting in maybe 2 candy items because my kids will eat it until they are sick!!!!!! I have preschoolers.
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My ds is only 20mths old, but I do still plan to do an Easter basket for him. I'm thinking a few toy cars, new coloring books and crayons and maybe something else small. Kinda hard to fix an Easter basket w/no candy at all in it, but I'm trying!
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I got my kids each some small easter tin baskets (hoping to use them next year). I have already got the candy-two pieces each. But that is all I have so far. I will not get them anymore candy-I just do not let them have a lot. Thinking of getting some fruit snacks-but those are pretty much candy. I think I will just get them a few little treats that they do not get all the time-fruit snacks, fruit roll ups. They do not need anymore toys, crayons, cards, markers, etc. But I do want to find them something fun. Maybe something for the yard for summer time-play golf kit, or some pool toys. Shoot! I really do not know what to get them. I am trying to figure out what to put in the plastic eggs I am going to use for their easter egg hunt.
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I'm running with the summer theme... even though it might not be very warm on Easter. I'm getting my boys swimsuits, sunglasses, crocs (generic brand from Payless). I might throw in a beach towel. I've got a bubble wand thing, maybe a truck an Easter book too.

Plus I'll probably give a group gift. I think this year we'll do a sprinkler. I've always wanted to get them summer stuff for outside, but with their birthdays at the END of the summer it's always too late. Next year I'm thinking a little blow up kiddie pool, or maybe a sandbox (and I'll fill their baskets with sandbox toys).
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I haven't gotten everything yet, but I don't think it's hard to make a basket with no candy. I never put candy in ours, but my kids are young so maybe when they are older. I put in books, coloring/sticker books, toys, whatever. This year my oldest will get the mariposa barbie she's been wanting and some books I've gotten for her, my son is getting the Easter Bob the Builder set from target, some matchbox airplanes and books, my youngest will be getting the easter fisher price little people set and books. Maybe I'll add in the 101 Dalmations movie b/c I haven't given it to them yet, I'm not sure, but I'll fill in with stuff like that. See-no room for candy!
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