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Free dressers and some elbow grease

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I have posted before that here on Oahu people throw out good stuff that they no longer want instead of taking it to a thrift store or calling one to come and pick up. Well, this past week I found a dresser on the curb. Nothing wrong with it except that it was painted an awful color!! All drawers and handles intact. So I put it in my vehicle and brought it home. Two days later, before I could get the paint I found 2 dressers at another residence. One is antique and has the keyholes to lock the top and bottom drawer (no key though ). It is very weathered/ beaten up looking and although I know some people like that style, I am painting it white for my daughter who has all white furniture. Nothing wrong with it although it has a place where a mirror was once attached and it is gone, but all drawers and handles are fine. I am spray painting the drawer pulls black which i think will look classy against the new white paint. The other dresser is a beautiful solid/ heavy piece. This one does have two broken drawer pulls, but other than that nothing wrong! I will buy drawer pulls and I am putting it in my dining room to use as storage for my linens, tablecloths, place mats, etc. My husband does not understand why I keep bringing stuff home and fixing it up and then selling it or using it. I absolutely love being crafty/ artsy and painting, sewing and fixing up damaged items. Also, 2 weeks ago we had a huge yardsale with almost all found items. We made $280 that day and that was just trying to get rid of stuff and charging way below what we could have. I plan on having another yard sale next month. I may do this along with my crafting as a way to supplement my husband's income.
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WOW!! Great job! Send some of that craftiness my way!!
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Good for you! I love these kinds of finds. I went through a phase when I would "source" old wooden window frames, refinish them and then make custom quilts to mount inside the frames. They were lovely.
Where I used to live, they had "big garbage pick up week" so everyone put out their unwanted treasures. We had a ball, as did about 1/2 of the higher-income town scouting around in other neighbourhoods and getting some great stuff.
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Great job! I always hope for finds like this during my town's clean up days.
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Last summer I was driving home and saw some buetiful lawn chair pads someone had put out. I quickly turned around and grabbed them. Unfortunatly the did not fit my chairs when I got home but someone saw them on the side of my house during a garage sale and offered me $10. Can't beat $10 for 2 minutes worth of work. Just goes to prove the ol saying one *womens* trash is another womens treasure.

-Happy Hunting!
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so i am not the only one who finds dressers and takes them home...both dd and ds have dressers found on the side of the had 6 coats of paint on it and it took awhile to strip them all was oak underneath( and man heavy!!) and dd's was two coats of black to go through and its pine...a lot sanding and elbow grease and they are fine...others i have found i cleaned up and stripped and sold at our last yard sale..nothing wrong with them.
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