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What is a coupon train?

A coupon train is an envelope filled with non-expired coupons that is sent between riders. When you receive the "train", take which coupons you will use and replace those with coupons for your fellow passengers. You then mail it to the next address on the list.

In order to ride a train you must have a minimum of 100 posts!

Trains will run in regional areas across the US as much as possible Please indicate which region you fall into when you sign up.

You may only ride 3 trains at any given time.

Rules for Train Riders:

1. Take only the coupons you need.
2. Replace the number of coupons you take.
3. Try to include coupons that fall on the ISO/WANT list. (See the enclosed mailing list for more details.)
4. Do not include coupons with expiration dates within 15 days, unless you know the next rider can use them before they expire. (Feel free to PM riders on your train or post on your given thread.)
5. Mail out PACKING LIST + AT LEAST 40 COUPONS to the next rider on the list within 5 days for a reg. train and 2 days for an express.
6. **Report to Mommysavers upon receiving the packet and after packet has been mailed out again. Post the status (received/sent) in your train #'s thread!! (This is crucial!! If you do not comply, you will be warned and can be removed from the train.)**
7. Provide enough postage as to not to delay (or perhaps derail) the train (40 coupons + packing list = 1 stamp.)
8. If you are the cause of a derailment, you will be placed on a one month suspension from the coupon trains. If you are the cause of 3 derailments, you will be placed on a one year suspension from the coupon trains.
9. Keep communication open with the Coupon Train moderators and / or Train Captains. You MUST contact a moderator or Train Captain to let them know when you will be away and unable to send/receive your train. We can make arrangements to go around you.[/b]
10. Before leaving negative feedback you MUST contact a mod. Negative feedback will NOT be given to riders because of the "quality" of coupons included in the packet nor will it be given to trains that are slow. If the rider gets the train out in the 2 days (for express) or 5 days (for regular) and/or has an excused delay, that is not grounds to leave negative feedback. Please contact a mod first if you receive an excess of expired/soon to expire coupons. When giving riders feedback you must include the URL of the specific coupon train you are on together as proof of transaction. If you leave more than one feedback concerning the same train, you must use a different URL for each feedback. You can use the URL for page 2, page 3, etc. For all other feedback questions, refer to this link: How to: Leave iTrader Feedback

**Life happens and sometimes the post office doesn’t deliver the way we would like. We undertsand that and are willing to work with you!** However if the lines of communication are not left open for extended periods of time we will remove you from the coupon trains!

**If you can NOT continue on with your train, please let the Mod or Train Captain know ASAP so that the train can be continued.**

Have fun and save lots of money!!!

How do I join a train?

To sign up for a coupon train, please post in the Join A Train Here thread. A moderator will then contact you, via private message (PM), for your mailing information. (PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION IN ANY THREAD).

Can I be on a train, even though I don't get a newspaper?

ABSOLUTELY! If you don't receive a paper, there are other ways to get coupons. Find someone who does get the paper and ask them to save the coupons for you if they don't use them. You are also welcome to sign up for potluck envies or TAGs to build up your coupon supply. You may also print off coupons from the internet. You also can often find blinkies, tear pads with coupons, or coupons affixed to the outside of items at the grocery store, or inside packaging!!

Why has my reply here been deleted?

To keep our sanity, we will delete your request in the "Join A Train" thread after you have been contacted via private message to get your personal information. We do make mistakes - so if your post is no longer here, and you haven't heard from one of the mods, please reply again.

What if I haven't seen my train in a while?

Please contact your train mod via private message and we will contact all the riders on the train to find out where the train stopped. If the train seems to have derailed, we will restart a new train with only riders who wish to continue.

How many coupons should I send in a train?

As many as you want with a minim of 40 as that is ONE stamp!! But try not to duplicate coupons, two of the same coupons maximum, UNLESS they are on someone's wish list. Also watch those expired coupons!! If they are close to being expired, please don't send them!! They will just waste postage, and become useless for the next recipient. It's up to you how many coupons you send. Just be sure to affix proper postage!!

Rules will be adjusted as needed.
Thank you!!