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Cars that fit 3 car seats?

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So, we had two kids and were planning on stopping there...traded my husbands truck in for a fuel efficient, inexpensive Kia Spectra which would hold all of us. Well, guess what? I just found out a couple of weeks ago I'm pregnant. Yes, I'm happy...we've talked about having another baby...I just would have liked to have...I don't know...planned it? Anyway, I have a Kia Sedona, so I know 3 car seats will fit in there...not to mention it will be paid off in May so I'm reluctant to trade that in for anything. However, I seriously doubt my husband's Spectra will hold 3 car seats. The older one has a Recaro young sport which is rather big and the younger one has a britax...add in the carrier car seat and they take up a lot of space. I know there are only 4 latches in the back seat so only 2 seats could be latched in. My son will soon be switching over to the seat belt, but even with that I just don't think they would fit back there safely. Sooo, my question is, is there something out there that fits 3 bulky car seats safely, that gets relatively good gas mileage (my husband drives between two offices all the time), and doesn't cost a fortune (because I'm cheap)? My husband really wants to buy a chevy avalanche or something of the sort because since buying our house we've really missed having the truck...Can't we just buy a trailer?
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I totally see where you are coming from! When we got pregnant with dd #3 we had my Kia Spectra and dh's Dodge Neon. We took the Kia in to Childrens Hospital to see about placing the car seats properly. They pretty much told us that we HAD to get a new car. There was no way that we were able to place the seats in there safely and legally. We did end up getting a Dodge Caravan and my dh has a Dodge Stratus now that squeezes the seats in. Those are pretty affordable but I would measure the car seats before you go car shopping to see if they will fit in the cars that you are looking at.

We take the van whenever possible. Is that an option?
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I also understand where you are coming from. We had one in an infant carrier, one in a regular car seat with the bar, and one in a 5pt harness. It was difficult so we decided to get a van too. I did months of checking and found a deal on the internet. We got a Chevy Venture with VERY low mileage for VERY cheap. We also went around to the dealerships but internet searching was the best for us.

However we only have one car that holds all of us. My husband doesn't need something for all of us because when we travel together we use my van. That might be an option for you.

Congrats on the new addition!!!!
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If you don't want to go the new car route, you can always look into new carseats. The Sunshine Kids Radian 65 and 80 carseats are narrow enough to fit 3 across the backseat of a car. I read one review where someone said she fit two Radians and a Peg Perego infant carrier in the back seat of a Toyota Prius. I'm sure you'd have to get it checked out to make sure it's safe, but it would definitely be cheaper. I'm not sure I'd want to wrestle with getting everyone in and out though. We were definitely tempted to try it with a Toyota Camry hybrid (because we really wanted the fuel efficiency) but in the end decided to go with a Honda Odyssey so we'd have the extra space. I don't regret the decision so far.

I did want to add that we have the Sunshine Kids Radian 65 for my 4 1/2 year old and love it.
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I vote for not replacing any vehicle. You have the van which you can all take when you're together and hubby only needs to drive by himself when he is working. At most he would need to drive two kids with him. If the third kid is going to be with hubby, he can take the van and you can take the Spectra.

To answer your question, I know a woman who owned a Saturn sedan. At the time she had one infant then got pregnant with twins! She fit all three car seats in the back. I swear I have no idea how she did it, but she did.

If your hubby wants a truck, that's a completely different issue. However, consider getting a crew-cab that you can drive and switch vehicles if needed.
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We only have a car seat in one of our vehicles so whenever DH takes kiddo somewhere just the two of them we switch cars. IMO that's tons easier than removing and reinstalling carseats between two vehicles. We didn't want to spend the extra money for two sets of carseats either.
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I'm sort of on the fence about the whole thing. There really is no reason to do anything with our works fine and, like I said, it's about paid off. The car has been great because it gets better gas mileage than the van and we could take that as a family on our long 900 mile trips and such. I just hate the thought of having to drive two large vehicles that both guzzle gas. My husband can keep the car but we'll definately have to take the van on trips. The only reason we got a car instead of replacing his truck with another truck was because we really never needed a truck. Then we bought the house and now we need a truck almost every month for something. We recently had to pay a $55 delivery for dirt because we couldn't get a hold of a truck to do it ourselves. My dad has a truck but he uses it for his furniture business, not to mention they live 3 hours away. So, do 3 car seats fit in the back seat of the extended cab trucks? Maybe I'll check that out this weekend when I visit my parents. I was just so excited to only have a $200 car payment.
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dh has a 4 door saturn ls(they are the smaller 4 door saturns) we can fit a carseat(we have one thats narrower then our van seat) one high back booster(evenflow big kid booster seat) and oldest ds is in the seatbelt now but was also in a booster(backless) and they all three fit.. is it very roomy heck no but they are still young(all under 7) so they don't need as much leg room... we are going to need to replace our van sometime this year its on its last leg..we are considering the chevy impala(used new to us) a former co-worker let me put my seat in there and there is alot of leg room and plenty of seat space for three.

if the van is paid for i would just switch vehicles if need be also if you are taking trips and running on the highway you will tend to get better gas mileage anyway.
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I am sort of in a similar situation. I have an impala and Im pregnant with my second. I thought about getting an SUV but eventually decided against it. Its almost paid off and id rather have no car payment and be a little uncomfortable. Bu the time the two car seats are in there, there is like no room in between them. I dont think even a child could fit there. Hopefully, it will all work out.
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If I were looking into a car I would go with a used Impala or Camry. If a van was in order...I'd go for a toyota Sienna...the mileage is the best of all the vans. I have to say it is very tight with 2 in my car....3 will be tight...if you are in and out with the 3 a lot you may want o see if you can swing a van for space, safety and convenience.
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