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He is SO cute! I cant wait to see pics of the two of you together!
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Both of my boys are going as Bob the builder and I am going to dress as Wendy. I was just kidding with ds when I said it but ds wants me to now so oh well, it'll be fun!
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How fun is that!! SO cute. I'm trying to match my two kids' costumes to each other, I never even thought of me TOO!! I'm having too much trouble just picking one costume. I found an adorable Raggedy Ann that I would have LOVED to put on DD, but couldn't find a cute small Raggedy Andy costume for DS.
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what a cute idea
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DJs eyes are stunning!

Hmm, food for thought since the baby is going to be a monkey - I could be a tree. Maybe.

Marcus is going to to be Bear in the Big Blue House and my DH is the same but in an adult costume. We borrowed them from my brother a couple years ago and now is the time to use them. Funny thing is Marcus has only watched the show maybe three times.
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I like the gorilla and the banana idea, but I think the roles should be reversed or at least have your hubby be the gorilla, baby be the banana and you can be the little lady that king kong fell for.
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Awe! How cute.
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Those are really cute ideas!! I was hoping to coordinate my dd's costumes maybe this year or next year. The oldest would go as The Cat in the Hat, and the twins would go at Thing 1 & Thing 2.
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Dj looks so cute.
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great picture, can't wait to see how you scrap the halloween pages, you'll have to post them
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