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Bricks Coupons

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I came across this page today, it lists a lot of the bricks coupons...

Coupons, Inc. - Client Brands
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Cool thanks for sharing!
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At the above site there are lots of links to manufacturer websites (where you can look for printable coupons) and then towards the bottom are TONS of links to printables!!

I just printed out the Bertolli Complete Skillet Meal coupon - $2.50 off, exp. 5/14.

I also printed out the Little Debbie's Family Pack coupon - $.25 off, exp. 6/13.

There is also a $4 off Seventh Generation coupon at the above link, for any of you that buy that product.

Lots of great printables!!
Thanks for posting!!
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This was one of the best sites yet! You're awesome for sharing!
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Thanks, I printed several of these!
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Bookmark it - they update the page when they add/remove coupons!
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Good stuff- thanks!
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Can I ask a stupid question - what is a bricks coupons???
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thanks- that was a good find

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Originally Posted by momofezl View Post

Can I ask a stupid question - what is a bricks coupons???

Not a stupid question...These are the type of coupons which make home printed coupons safer for stores to redeem. They kind of "tag" your computer, which limits the number you may print. Bricks coupons won't print to a fax or pdf file. Essentially, they cut down fraud. They can be a hassle with some browsers, but they have kept the internet coupons alive.

If you print from or smartsource, those are Bricks.
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