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Ice breakers for Moms group

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Our Moms group just started again for the year and we have some new moms and grandmas that are bringing their kids. Does anyone have any fun icebreakers or get to know yous we could do instead of just saying "Hi I am Heather mom to Jacob and Josiah" ? I appreciate any and all ideas. There will probably be 10-15 moms/grandmas. Thanks.
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A really nice one and it's usally played at like a bridal/baby shower is you take a few pieces of paper and write down the name of a famous couple on each paper, and when your guest start arriving, tape them to their back, and tell them they have to think who the famous couple on the back is, they go around the room asking other mommies for clues, and in doing so will get to talking with other mommies, and soon you'll find yourself calling for order because everyone will be chatting away. HTH
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We did a scavenger hunt through your purse. It isn't necessarily a "get to know you", but you would be surprised at the conversations that resulted from that one game. It as fun and I got to know some stuff about everybody.

Things like who has a diaper, who has a paperclip, who has a comb, who has an out of state drivers license, who has a receipt from Walmart for less than $10, things like that.
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Maybe a "scavenger hunt" for people with similarities.

Such as someone with the same b-day month as you, same number of kids/grandkids, someone with the same color hair, same color shirt, DH with same name, same car, someone with 4 kids, someone with twins, etc

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Thanks for some good ideas ladies!
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I like Claire's's kinda like what Old Navy does when the lines are busy!!! There is a prize normally awarded though!!!

I saw the couples matching game, which could be done by having two puzzle pieces fit. Then when you find your matching puzzle piece, you would have to introduce your new friend to the room.
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