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Take time to take care of yourself...this is surgery. Rest and love what you have, which I'm sure you already do. I pray your time will come again. Sending thoughts for strength and peace.
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I am a little behind here, but I am so very sorry you had to go through all this!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you!!
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my prayers are with you during this healing time!!
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I just had a miscarriage a little over a week ago. They don't know why it happened, the doctor thought it was pretty bizarre. I had mild cramping (it only felt like maybe it was my uterus getting bigger type of cramping) then the next thing I know, my water breaks and the baby comes out...I was only 14 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Just 2 days before that, we heard the baby's heartbeat and a healthy rate. What's crazy about this whole thing is they did not have to do a D&C. The baby came out, the paramedics picked me up and took me and dh to the ER and the OB doc on call came in and pulled the placenta right out with really no effort. I just talked to one lady who said the SAME thing happened to her, and it was b/c she had been on the pill for so long that the lining of her uterus was dry, and they had to put her on hormone therapy. I also had (and still have it as of right now) a cervical polyp and we wonder if maybe that weakened my cervix. That did cause a lot of bleeding. But anyway, before I get side-tracked, b/c of the dry uterus lining, the placenta was not able to attach itself very well and it made it easy for the doctor to remove it without an D&C. So I'm thinking that's what happened to me...I've been on the pill since I was 21, I'm now 30. I have a Dr's appt tomorrow to see about getting that polyp removed and maybe get put on some hormone therapy. On that note, I better get to bed!
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Thank you all for all of your posts and support. I have been trying to finish up my student teaching and prepare for graduation. My hormone levels have really been playing with my emotions and I had to be placed on a mild anti-depressant. If you have experienced a miscarriage, you know what I mean. I am finally getting through the angry stage of my loss and grieving. It's so hard because so many people don't know that I was even expecting and then not expecting. Please know that I appreciate your concerns and support.
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I am so glad to hear you are doing well and have received help in dealing with this loss. My thoughts are still with you.
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I am glad that you udated us on the situtation. I know what you mean.
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